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How Mold Removal and Home Air Quality Tests Help You Breathe Freely

Posted on Jun 10, 2024

Indoor air quality directly affects our health and well-being, so there is an importance of having a clean and healthy environment. To get professional help with air quality in your home, contact Inch by Inch Inspections, specialists in mold removal in Toronto, and home air quality tests. Mold is a common indoor air pollutant that may be...

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Mold Prevention Strategies Every Mississauga Homeowner Should Know

Posted on May 27, 2024

Mold is a very common problem many households deal with that can be potentially harmful and property damaging if it remains unresolved. In Mississauga, where the climate can be conducive to mold growth, it is important that homeowners take mold prevention seriously. This includes proactive steps such as, home air quality tests, along with seeking...

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Why Proper Ventilation is Key to Preventing Attic Mold in Mississauga

Posted on May 21, 2024

Proper ventilation is crucial for protecting your home from potential hazards, such as attic mold. It is essential, especially in Mississauga, where constant climate changes can increase the chances of mold growth. Whether you are looking for mold inspection services in Mississauga or attic mold removal, understanding how important it is to have...

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5 Tips to Tell if There’s Mold in Your Attic

Posted on May 10, 2024

When a home shows signs of mold growing within it, the problem can become severe quickly; however, this is made worse if the mold begins to grow in the attic. Mold in the attic may cause numerous health hazards, including respiratory complications and allergies. It may also harm the structural integrity of your house and lower its value. If you...

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Spring Cleaner's Guide to Mold Removal in Toronto

Posted on Apr 23, 2024

Spring is here, and if you’re like most people, the warm breeze means you’ll be opening up your windows and starting to deep clean your property. Whether you’re a homeowner or running a business, annual or seasonal comprehensive cleaning allows you to freshen your property. During this time of organization and sanitization, many...

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Why Protect Your Insulation with Attic Mold Removal

Posted on Apr 17, 2024

Your home should provide­ a safe, healthy environme­nt. Unfortunately, hidden dangers like­ attic mold can pose risks if overlooked. This article explores attic mold, its significance, and how attic mold re­moval in Toronto and mold testing in Toronto can protect your insulation. Insulation keeps home­s energy-efficie­nt...

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Common FAQs About Mold Removal and Air Inspections in Oakville

Posted on Apr 12, 2024

Maintaining a safe, he­althy living space is important, and mold removal and air inspections play an e­ssential role. If you reside­ in Oakville, Inch by Inch Inspections offers re­liable services. Our ce­rtified professionals use advance­d equipment to provide compre­hensive mold removal in Oakville and e­nsure...

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How Spring Storms Trigger Mold & Asbestos

Posted on Apr 10, 2024

Spring brings displays of nature­'s power, yet these storms carry risks we can't overlook. Moisture occurring from spring storms can cause mold growth and compromise indoor air quality. Furthermore­, stormy winds pose a threat of disturbing materials that contain asbestos, rele­asing hazardous fibers into your living spaces....

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5 Signs Your Home Needs Mold Removal ASAP

Posted on Mar 19, 2024

The importance of mold removal cannot be emphasized enough. Getting rid of mold can lower the likelihood of respiratory issues, allergies, and other health problems linked to mold exposure. Addressing mold problems via methods such as air quality testing can protect the stability of your home's structure and prevent harm to carpets, furniture,...

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The Dangers of Mold in The Attic

Posted on Feb 16, 2024

Have you got mold in your home, particularly in the attic? Attic mold is a common problem and needs immediate attention. Your family's health and your home's stability require you to tackle attic mold removal to avoid any of molds negative health effects. Infestations in the attic can sneak up on you. When they do, get the support of an...

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Signs You Need Mold Remediation in Mississauga

Posted on Jan 31, 2024

Mold, the stealthy intruder, has a knack for creeping into our homes and workplaces unnoticed. With its penchant for hiding in dark, damp corners, mold can go undetected for months or even years, wreaking havoc on your property and potentially affecting your health. This silent invader can lead to serious structural damage and respiratory issues...

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What to Retain and What to Discard Post Mold Remediation

Posted on Dec 27, 2023

Dealing with mold in your home is a challenging ordeal, requiring not only structural repair but also careful consideration of what to keep and what to discard after mold remediation in Mississauga. This crucial decision, as you sort through infested building materials and items significantly impacts the prevention of future mold growth and the...

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Expert Tips for a Mold-Free Basement

Posted on Dec 26, 2023

Maintaining a mold-free basement is crucial for the structural integrity and safety of both residential and commercial properties. Mold, a common issue in basements, can compromise building materials and pose health risks. To tackle this challenge, regular inspections can help determine when mold remediation in Mississauga is required, and...

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What's Causing Mold On Your Property

Posted on Nov 30, 2023

Mold growth poses a prevalent and hazardous issue in properties across the Greater Toronto Area, including Mississauga. Its stealthy nature and potential health risks make understanding the causes, triggers, and effective remediation crucial. From residential homes to commercial spaces, the presence of mold can be insidious, necessitating proactive...

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Signs Mold is Making You Sick

Posted on Nov 27, 2023

Mold growth in homes poses a potential threat to our health, with the ability to trigger various health problems. Recognizing the signs that mold might be adversely affecting your well-being is crucial for addressing the issue promptly. These symptoms and signs signify the need for black mold removal and maintenance. Mold removal in Mississauga is...

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Tips for Keeping Your Business Mold-Free

Posted on Nov 20, 2023

Maintaining a clean and healthy workspace is crucial for the prosperity of any business. Mold, often an underestimated concern, poses health risks to employees and can inflict property damage and interfere with day to day operations. While mold can wreak havoc on a business, getting professional opinion will help you understand how you can combat...

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The Link Between Water Damage and Mold

Posted on Oct 26, 2023

Water damage is the ultimate nightmare for homeowners. If unaddressed, leaks, floods, and mold can cause serious structural impairment and costly repairs. What often eludes many is the fact that water damage creates the ideal breeding ground for mold, which can occur in the hours following a flood or water damage incident. To protect your property...

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Top Hiding Spots for Mold

Posted on Oct 23, 2023

Mold, the persistent and potentially harmful fungus, often starts to grow in concealed areas of our properties, whether it be commercial or residential, remaining unnoticed until it evolves into a substantial problem. Recognizing its preferred hiding spots and adopting preventive measures to maintain a healthy living and work space is essential. If...

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At-Home vs Professional Mold Removal in Mississauga

Posted on Oct 15, 2023

Mold is a common problem for homeowners in Mississauga and throughout Southern Ontario. The invasive fungi release spores that cycle throughout the air, moving in and out of our homes, businesses, and other properties, waiting for a food source to appear. When water damage occurs, or ventilation is restricted, mold spores settle and evolve into...

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Expert Tips for Controlling Mold at Home

Posted on Sep 30, 2023

Mold, a common nuisance in many homes, can interfere with the well-being and function of occupants. Its presence not only threatens indoor air quality but also poses health risks. In this blog, we will explore why mold is a concern for homeowners, what causes mold outbreaks at home, and expert tips on how to control mold. We'll also emphasize...

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Signs You Need Basement Mold Remediation in Mississauga

Posted on Sep 15, 2023

Mold infestations in commercial and residential properties are not to be taken lightly. Even when out of sight in areas like crawl spaces, attics, and basements, mold poses significant health risks, affects air quality, and causes structural damage if mold remediation in Mississauga does not occur in a timely manner. With professional intervention,...

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Tips for Managing Bathroom Mold in Oakville

Posted on Aug 30, 2023

Managing bathroom mold is a common challenge faced by homeowners in Southern Ontario. By nature, bathrooms have many qualities that end up requiring mold remediation in Oakville: they are humid, there are organic materials, and there is often poor airflow. At Inch by Inch Inspections, we recommend air quality testing to help discover and manage...

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Myths About Mold Growth in Your Home

Posted on Aug 10, 2023

It’s common for homeowners to disregard the presence of mold in their homes. Many horror stories involve mold, giving homeowners a preconceived idea of its characteristics that may not be entirely true. So much information is provided on the internet, making it difficult to understand the truth about mold. As a result it can be difficult for...

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Where Are You Most Likely to Find Mold in Oakville Property

Posted on Jul 31, 2023

Despite meticulous care, mold infestations can show up in the cleanest homes surprising the most attentive homeowners. If left unaddressed or undetected, mold only gets worse, causing reduced indoor air quality and structural damage around the property. If you’ve noticed the relenting odour of pungent mold growth, don’t wait much longer...

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Why DIY Attic Mold Removal is Never Safe

Posted on Jul 30, 2023

DIY-ing a home maintenance service can save you money in the short term; however, there may be better and more effective options. When it comes to mold removal, there are multiple steps in a professional removal service that require equipment and tools unavailable to homeowners. Air quality testing is a crucial step in detecting mold. Inch by Inch...

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The Link Between Wildfires and Invasive Mold

Posted on Jul 23, 2023

Wildfires have been an increasing problem in Southern Ontario. With fires raging on sooner in the season than expected and for extended periods of time, major Ontario cities like Toronto and Mississauga have been making global news because of the natural disaster. With more spoke indoors from wildfire contamination, people are in greater need of...

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How Wood Around Your Home Becomes Susceptible to Mold

Posted on Jun 06, 2023

Wood is used all around the home. From the framework of the structure, flooring, cabinetry, to furniture, panelling, and other interior elements, wood exists virtually everywhere throughout the house. When it comes to maintaining your health and preserving your home, understanding what makes the wood in your building structure susceptible to mold...

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Signs There Is Mold in Your Attic

Posted on May 31, 2023

Despite there being an attic in every home, and every homeowner knowing that it is there, the thought that there is mold does not typically cross one’s mind until the outbreak becomes so widespread that it requires professional intervention. Your attic is one of the most susceptible places in the home for mold growth. Without air quality...

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Is Your Waterside Property More Susceptible to Mold

Posted on May 29, 2023

Living in a waterside town or a property adjacent to the waterfront offers a myriad of benefits, including beautiful views, calm environments, and access to nature. And while those waterside advantages are hard to beat, there are unique challenges that property owners face, one in particular is mold. If you find yourself faced with infestation from...

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Guide to Office Mold Detection

Posted on Apr 13, 2023

Despite mold being a common problem in offices, affecting the health of employees and even frequently visiting customers, professional mold inspection in Toronto does not occur as frequently as it should, leaving it to grow undetected and uninhibited. Commercial air quality testing and mold remediation services from industry leading restoration...

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The Link Between Humidity and Repeat Mold Removal

Posted on Mar 31, 2023

Mold spores constantly circulate the air around us as they are a natural part of our environment. However, for mold spores to settle and grow in properties, there need to be certain environmental conditions. These conditions include inadequate ventilation, organic material present, and, most importantly, excess humidity. When properties have high...

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What to Do if Mold is Behind Drywall?

Posted on Mar 27, 2023

Any area in your property that has a moisture source and low ventilation has the potential to be infested with mold, especially your drywall, which typically envelops your entire interior. As mold outbreaks grow throughout drywall, it may lead to structural damage and numerous health  concerns. To identify and remove mold as soon as possible,...

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Guide to Effective Black Mold Removal in Toronto

Posted on Mar 16, 2023

Black mold is infamous for being a toxic invader of commercial and residential properties known for infesting the dark, damp, and hard to access areas or rooms. Black mold infestations can expand rapidly, posting a severe health risk to those exposed, from respiratory problems, allergic reactions, and many other serious health issues. The best way...

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What is Your Air Quality Telling You About Mold Removal in Mississauga

Posted on Mar 09, 2023

Indoor air quality is an important factor in maintaining a healthy living environment. If your property has poor indoor air quality, it may indicate the presence of mold, which can pose serious health risks. If mold is detected in your property, it’s necessary to contact a professional, like the leading air quality testing and mold...

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What to Do About Mold or Asbestos in Your Attic

Posted on Feb 28, 2023

Attics are essential features of any home. They are necessary for creating balance, climate regulation, indoor comfort, and energy efficiency throughout the house. When the attic cavity is healthy and well-maintained, the indoor environment is safer, and so are the people in it. However, it is not uncommon for the attic to be contaminated by...

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Unexpected Mold Infestation Hiding Spots

Posted on Feb 27, 2023

While the growth of mold can be evident in places such as a bathroom shower enclosure or around bathroom and kitchen sinks, faucets, toilets, or window sills, it can be less noticeable in areas we cannot see, such as behind walls or those shower enclosures, or in an attic. Mold may also be hiding in places. When you suspect mold, but can’t...

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Is Ventilation Trouble Harbouring Mold on Your Property

Posted on Feb 22, 2023

Mold can show up in residential and commercial buildings seemingly without any warning. However, in most cases of mold infestation, there are causes of mold that can be spotted early on to prevent the need for mold removal in Burlington, such as excess humidity, water damage, or poor ventilation. Air quality testing from leading mold removal and...

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Indoor Pollutants to Keep Out with DSS Reports

Posted on Feb 16, 2023

Indoor air contamination is one of the biggest problems when renovating old buildings and properties. So before the sledgehammer comes out, it’s critical to have mold removal in Oakville to increase the safety and longevity of any work you do. Our team is committed to helping people with safe renovations and restorations by providing...

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Steps to Successful Black Mold Removal

Posted on Jan 30, 2023

Black mold is an infamous invader known for its toxic effects on people and the damage it causes to the building materials on which it latches. While not all instances of black mold are the notorious toxic mold, Stachybotrys, all infestations demand black mold removal. From mold inspections in Toronto to remediation, effective mold removal is a...

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Guide to Bathroom Black Mold Removal

Posted on Jan 26, 2023

Bathrooms are no stranger to mold; they are quite often the subject of infestations due to high moisture and low ventilation. Black mold removal for bathrooms and showers may be particularly challenging for property owners in Toronto and pose significant health risks. With reliable mold inspections in Toronto from Inch By Inch Inspections, property...

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How to Know if I Have Mold in My Mississauga Home

Posted on Jan 17, 2023

Sometimes when mold appears on your property, it's unmistakable, drawing the attention of homeowners and prompting them to schedule mold removal in Mississauga and eliminate the intruder. Unfortunately, a lot of the time, mold can be harder to pinpoint, growing and expanding under the radar until being picked up during air quality testing....

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What is the Difference Between Mold & Mildew?

Posted on Nov 28, 2022

When bringing in a professional restoration company to conduct home inspections, you may learn that mold is infesting your property. While a simple visible inspection will identify infestations, some may refer to these outbreaks as mold and mildew interchangeably. Despite the common use of these terms to describe infestations in the home, there is...

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Why Conduct a Home Inspection Before Renovations?

Posted on Nov 10, 2022

Whether you’re renovating your current property or moving into a new home, some issues may arise, making a home inspection a smart step prior to projects and renovations. Following professional home inspections, property owners often learn that they need asbestos or mold removal in Mississauga. To make sure your property is in top shape,...

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Reasons to Stay Away From Mold Removal Spray in Mississauga

Posted on Oct 27, 2022

Home inspections may reveal that you need mold removal in Mississauga. The sudden knowledge of a hazardous infestation in your living quarters might push you to take matters into your own hands and attempt DIY mold removal. While heading to the store and purchasing mold removal spray may be tempting, it's not practical or safe. Get started with...

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How Air Flow Affects Attic Mold

Posted on Oct 13, 2022

When you find yourself in need of attic mold removal in Toronto, you can work backward to the cause of an infestation and realize that multiple factors contributed. These factors often include excessive humidity, unrestored water damage, and, most importantly, insufficient airflow and ventilation. The best way to detect mold in the attic is to be...

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The Most Common Types of Mold in Homes

Posted on Sep 29, 2022

Many homes provide attractive conditions for mold spores to rapidly multiply, making indoor mold removal in Burlington a necessity among homeowners. Conditions that may make your home vulnerable to mold infestations include improper ventilation, no natural light, and excessive moisture. If you notice that the air in your home is humid and stale,...

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How to Know If Attic Mold is Affecting Your Air Quality

Posted on Sep 06, 2022

Attic mold is troubling for a number of reasons, but the most frustrating is how difficult it is to detect in its early stages. It typically isn’t until property owners schedule a mold inspection in Toronto that they even are away mold has been growing and spreading throughout their home. During the time that attic mold is left undetected, it...

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How to Prepare for Mold Removal When Moving?

Posted on Aug 30, 2022

Getting ready to move into a new home gets hectic very quickly, most homeowners find themselves working through an ever-growing to-do list of important tasks that need to be completed before move-in day. Unfortunately, a crucial task that can easily get forgotten is air quality testing in Mississauga. But it is essential for detecting contaminants...

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What Landlords Should Do About Mold Removal in Toronto

Posted on Aug 22, 2022

For landlords, mold removal in Toronto can be a nightmare come true. Often tenants do not know what signs to look for, and the mold can seemingly come from out of nowhere – especially when it comes to units you don't spend a lot of time in. However, once you've received that first communication from your tenants that they believe...

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5 Types of Toxic Mold to Test For

Posted on Aug 08, 2022

There are hundreds of species of mold in our environment, and, with the right conditions, many of them end up infiltrating our properties. While all mold outbreaks should be dealt with, some species are harmful enough to require urgent mold remediation in Toronto. Although it is hard to know which species are toxic without mold testing in Toronto,...

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Most Common Causes of Attic Mold

Posted on Jul 26, 2022

Attics are a key player in our homes; they're excellent places for storage, seasonal decorations, insulation, but unfortunately they are also havens for mold infestations. Mold requires certain conditions to develop, like high humidity and low ventilation. If you believe your home is humid and stuffy, chances are your attic is too, and you may...

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How to Know if Black Mold is Actually Toxic?

Posted on Jul 12, 2022

Black mold has been branded in the media as a dangerous intruder in our homes that require immediate mold remediation in Toronto. While all mold is dangerous to our health and the structural integrity of our homes, not every species of black mold is toxic. To determine if the mold in your property is toxic, mold testing in Toronto from Inch By Inch...

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Mold Removal vs Mold Remediation

Posted on Jun 29, 2022

If mold has infested your property, researching how to fix the situation may be confusing. For instance, mold remediation in Toronto and mold removal in Toronto are often used interchangeably to describe the elimination of mold from a property. While most service providers and restoration companies will understand both terms, there is a difference...

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Reduce Mold Spores in The Air with Mold Removal

Posted on Jun 23, 2022

Have you recently undergone air quality testing in your Mississauga home and now are looking for information on how to reduce and clean mold spores out of your home’s air? You have come to the right place! Mold is a very serious issue, and Inch By Inch Inspections professionals have what it takes to handle mold removal in Mississauga.  ...

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4 Reasons To Hire Professional Mold Removal In Oakville

Posted on Jun 21, 2022

If you have mold in your home, do not take chances. Mold can accumulate quickly and cause damage to your property and your health. Even if mold is not visible, it can still affect your health by absorbing moisture from the air and releasing spores that can cause allergic reactions. The best way to deal with a mold problem is to hire an...

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How Mold Growth Affects Indoor Air Quality

Posted on Jun 06, 2022

Having good indoor air quality in your property is paramount for your comfort and health. Unfortunately, it can quickly be impacted by the onset of mold. If mold has infiltrated your property and it goes without mold remediation in Toronto for too long, the indoor air quality becomes compromised, ultimately affecting your well-being and those...

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How to Prepare for Professional Mold Removal In Burlington

Posted on May 19, 2022

Mold removal is one of the worst cleanup jobs out there. And if it's not done right, mold can come back. That's why it's important to hire a professional for mold remediation in Burlington. Professional mold removal in Burlington is a process that involves the remediation of mold and mildew on surfaces of your home or business. Removing...

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Tips To Prevent Needing Mold Remediation Services

Posted on May 02, 2022

Mold has become a scary word in recent years. Mold inspections in Toronto and mold remediation in Toronto Services have increased in popularity because of the growing amount of homeowners who need help from a professional mold company like Inch By Inch Inspections to permanently remove mold. Mold can grow due to many factors, and oversight from...

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Why Is Professional Mold Removal In Oakville Necessary

Posted on Apr 11, 2022

Mold is everywhere, so it is not uncommon to see traces of mold growth in any given building. That is why mold removal in Oakville is so common. Mold can grow on the walls, ceilings and floors and always seems to thrive in warm and damp places. Aside from being unsightly, mold is also a health hazard and requires professional mold remediation in...

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Summer Tips To Prevent Needing Mold Removal In Toronto

Posted on Apr 01, 2022

Summer is almost here. It is a great time to get outside and enjoy the warm weather. However, it can also be a time when mold spores proliferate and cause problems.  Mold can be found in every region of the world, and with it comes the potential for serious health problems. Mold thrives in warm, moist environments and can spread quickly in...

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When Do You Need Professional Mold Removal For Bathroom Mold in Oakville?

Posted on Mar 14, 2022

Mold is commonly found in bathrooms and can appear for a variety of reasons, such as high humidity levels, poor ventilation, and leaks. While some molds are harmless, others can cause health problems, so it's important to determine if the mold in your bathroom is dangerous. However, not all bathroom mold requires professional mold removal in...

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Tips to Prevent Mold Growth & Needing Expert Mold Removal in Toronto

Posted on Mar 03, 2022

Mold can be a critical issue that often requires expert mold removal in Toronto. However, there are a few things you can do to prevent mold growth in the first place, eliminating the need to call for mold remediation in Toronto. Preventing mold growth is crucial, as it can several health problems. Mold spores can be released into the air and...

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Mold versus Mildew in Burlington

Posted on Feb 11, 2022

While the two are very similar in appearance, there are many differences that separate mold and mildew. The main difference lies in the fact that mold is actually a type of fungus. Mold is a type of fungus that grows when moisture is present in a dark, moist place. It feeds off the nutrients found in things like wood and food products. Mildew is...

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12 Common Types of Mold Found in Toronto Homes

Posted on Feb 01, 2022

Mold can get into your home through a window left open, a bathroom that isn’t well-ventilated or by seepage from outside. However it enters, it’s important you do book mold removal in Toronto to avoid further health problems. Mold is one of the most common problems in Toronto homes, and it can cause serious health issues. In fact,...

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Mold Removal and Remediation at the Workplace

Posted on Jan 07, 2022

While mold serves a crucial role in the ecosystem, its appearance inside workplace buildings is dangerous. A mold-infected workplace can lead to serious health complications for employees because they breathe in mold spores regularly. As an employer, you can be held liable for exposing your employees to an unhealthy moldy working environment,...

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Steps To Proper Mold Removal In Toronto

Posted on Dec 10, 2021

Mold is a fast-growing problem in homes when it is not adequately maintained or has water damage. If you have noticed any signs of mold in your Burlington home, it may be necessary for you to hire a professional mold inspection company like Inch by Inch to inspect the problem. When undertaking mold removal in your Burlington home, it's...

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What to Know Before Hiring a Mold Removal Company in Toronto

Posted on Dec 07, 2021

Mold removal, or mold remediation, is necessary when toxic mold is discovered growing on a building’s structure. Whether the mold was caused by a roof leak, water intrusion, improper ventilation, or humidity control, its removal helps mitigate health and safety risks and prevents further property damage. Mold removal in Toronto buildings...

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Biggest Myths About Mold & Mold Removal in Toronto

Posted on Nov 22, 2021

Molds are very stealthy microorganisms – you cannot see their spores unless you pull up a microscope or they develop visible colonies. Due to their adaptability, high reproductive potential and the ease of spread, molds can be found almost anywhere, from your basement to Antarctica. It is impossible to avoid them completely. Considering our...

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Asbestos Testing During Mold Remediation in Toronto

Posted on Nov 04, 2021

Can you schedule Asbestos testing during mold remediation in Toronto? The short answer is yes. You can schedule your asbestos testing in Toronto during the mold remediation process.  After mold has been discovered, the property owner’s primary concern is to have mold remediation services performed by a Toronto-based certified mold...

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Your Guide to Hiring a Mold Remediation Company in Toronto

Posted on Sep 14, 2021

If you’ve found mold in your home, you want to have it removed as soon as possible! Mold remediation in Toronto with Inch by Inch is the best way to remove mold safely and efficiently. Mold can quickly grow from a small patch to a large and dangerous infestation during periods of high rain, snow, or humidity. Mold removal in Toronto is the...

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Top 5 Questions to Ask a Mold Remediation Company

Posted on Jun 18, 2021

Molds are very adaptable and persistent organisms that infest damp and dark areas in our homes. Aside from causing unpleasant odours and an unsightly view, these organisms also affect lung health, so having them in your home is not just an unpleasant nuisance. Even if their presence is not visible, their spores can lurk around and wait patiently...

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Everyday Activities That Can Cause Mold Growth

Posted on Feb 24, 2021

Molds are a common problem in many indoor environments. This is because these microscopic fungi thrive at room temperatures, in humid, dark spots, and many areas in our homes provide such conditions. Once molds establish, it can be very difficult to get rid of them and control their spread. Getting indoor air quality testing or a mold inspection is...

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How Much Will It Cost to Remove Black Mold

Posted on Feb 11, 2021

Toronto and the wider GTA have a growing number of neighbourhoods with older homes, and one of the most significant risk factors associated with it for homeowners is mold. Mold can quickly develop in humid areas with poor ventilation and can quickly spread throughout the house. Although all types of mold are harmful for your house’s...

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Is it Hard to Remove Mold

Posted on Feb 05, 2021

One of the biggest fears for homeowners in Toronto is finding mold in their homes. Mold can be found in virtually any climate but can be hazardous to humans through inhalation and their homes' structural integrity. Mold removal in Toronto has increasingly become a DIY task for many as it can be completed in just a few hours and with...

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Signs You Need Mold Removal in Oakville

Posted on Jan 31, 2021

Due to their microscopic size, molds are very hard to notice in the initial phases of growth. They become visible to the naked eye once they have established and formed a colony. Molds like damp, dark areas and warm temperatures (77° - 86° F), so any humid, hidden spots at your home might be perfect environments for these microscopic fungi...

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Long-term Health Problems if You Don't Remove Mold

Posted on Jan 28, 2021

Mold is a microscopic creature, so its growth is tough to notice until they form large colonies. These tiny fungi also like to hide in hard-to-reach spots, so it is not a big surprise that many homeowners live with them without even knowing. However, mold is not just an unpleasant nuisance that causes unsightly stains on walls and musty smells....

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What is Toxic Mold Syndrome

Posted on Jan 17, 2021

There are many different species of mold. Although we could consider most of them highly beneficial, playing a key role in the cycling of organic matter, some species are able to produce toxic compounds that can negatively affect our health. One of those species is Stachybortys chartarum, commonly known as black mold or toxic mold. It is imperative...

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How Do You Treat Mold Sickness?

Posted on Jan 13, 2021

When we first hear the word “mold”, most of us first think of spoiled food, musty smells and unsightly stains on walls. However, molds can also be present in seemingly clean environments. They can hide in building materials, hard-to-reach spots, nooks, and crannies, which makes their detection by simple visual inspection very...

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How to Know if Mold is Making You Sick

Posted on Jan 08, 2021

Molds can be found everywhere. No surprise, considering a single colony can produce millions of tiny, light spores, easily spread by wind and water. Wherever there are favourable conditions for their growth – the presence of organic matter, moisture, and temperature between 77°F and 86°F – molds will grow and reproduce very...

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Reasons to Avoid DIY Mold Removal

Posted on Dec 31, 2020

Besides causing unsightly stains on walls and unpleasant odours, molds are also a serious hazard to both human health and the structural integrity of the building. These microscopic fungi develop in humid conditions on various materials that contain organic matter. Once they establish, molds reproduce quickly and vigorously, producing millions of...

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Areas in the Home That Might Require Mold Removal

Posted on Dec 27, 2020

Are you experiencing some of the following symptoms: runny nose, sore throat, dry cough, wheezing, skin rashes, watery eyes, chronic sinusitis? If the answer is yes, then you might have a mold problem in your home. Even if you don’t see any visible indicators of their presence, it doesn’t mean the molds are not there. They are very...

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Identifying and Getting Rid of Black Mold

Posted on Dec 21, 2020

Many homes encounter mold issues at some point - from white, grayish or greenish patches on food to black spotting on water-damaged building materials. Mold spores are found in every corner of the world, so it is very hard to avoid them. They are easily moved by air currents, and once they settle at a place with enough moisture, warmth and organic...

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Controlling Window Condensation to Eliminate Mold Growth

Posted on Dec 12, 2020

When the first cold days of late fall start to draw in, we amp up the heating and close all windows. The steep drop of temperature is not uncommon for a December in Mississauga, so every bit of precious warmth is best kept inside. With more time indoors, air quality testing can become one of the more important factors to consider. If the windows...

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Mold and The Winter Time

Posted on Dec 08, 2020

Although you might think that molds go to sleep during the winter, like most of the natural world during this season, they are actually more likely to invade your home at this time. Why? Well, due to large differences in outdoor and indoor temperature, condensation is a very common occurrence. All this moisture creates favourable conditions for...

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Reasons You Need Air Quality Testing for Mold

Posted on Dec 04, 2020

Molds inhabit almost every terrestrial environment on Earth. That is a very good thing, as these microscopic fungi play a key role in the decomposition of organic matter. However, even though they are a key component of every natural environment, it is not so favourable when you find them in your home. Aside from plaguing the home with musty smells...

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Removing Mold in Burlington

Posted on Nov 23, 2020

Having mold in your home is not just an unpleasant nuisance – it is also a constant source of air pollution in an environment where you spend a significant portion of the day. Besides plaguing the area with their musty smells and causing unsightly stains on walls, molds also cause respiratory issues and allergic reactions. Long term exposure...

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Everything You Need to Know About Mold in Oakville

Posted on Nov 16, 2020

Mold is a term that refers to different types of microscopic fungi that produce filamentous structures called hyphae and typically feed on organic matter. While many molds are famous for spoiling food, some types are famous for spoiling living environments by growing on various building materials. Aside from causing unpleasant odours and unsightly...

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Ways to Prevent Mold in The Basement

Posted on Nov 09, 2020

The idea of a basement is usually associated with a dusty, damp, dark place, full of stuffy air. High humidity levels, poor air circulation and darkness – aside from being unpleasant and a bit creepy, these conditions are perfect for the development of molds. It is not a surprise that these microscopic fungi are common residents of many...

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How To Prevent a Mold Infestation in The Home

Posted on Oct 12, 2020

Molds can be found everywhere. These fungi have a very high reproductive potential and can produce millions of tiny spores. The spores are so light they can be carried even by slightest air currents and spread widely. Once they find a favourable spot, they will start to germinate and colonize the area. Moisture is the most important factor for mold...

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Is Mold in My Home Making Me Sick?

Posted on Oct 02, 2020

Are you experiencing prolonged symptoms of allergies, when there is seemingly nothing that might trigger them? Do you have regular migraines or feel constantly drowsy? If the answer to these questions is yes, then your home or workplace might be infested with mold and professional mold removal in Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton & beyond may be...

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Everything You Need to Know About Mold Removal in Oakville

Posted on Sep 21, 2020

A mold outbreak, whether in the attic or basement, can be a challenge in any home. It can be a stressful process from inspection, to removal, to remediation. For homeowners who may require mold removal in Oakville, working with a mold professional is the best practical approach. Mold can actually grow in a newly built home quite the same as an...

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What To Expect From A Mold Inspection

Posted on Sep 14, 2020

Even though discovering mold in your home can be quite an unpleasant experience, keep in mind that it is actually a common problem in both residential and business buildings. The key is to identify it on time and to know how to properly remove it. The best way to find out the scale of your mold problem is to arrange a mold inspection. Homeowners...

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Everything You Need to Know About Black Mold

Posted on Sep 07, 2020

Black mold, is a species of fungi that is often found on cellulose-rich building materials that have been damaged by excessive humidity or flooding. This mold is rarely found in natural environments due to its inability to successfully compete with other species of fungi. Black mold has a number of strains and some of them are able to produce...

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5 Things to Look for When Moving into a New Home

Posted on Aug 17, 2020

Moving into a new home is always exciting, as it brings refreshing change and interesting new experiences. However, this process can be also quite stressful and time-consuming. Packing up, hiring a moving company, and then unpacking and settling – there is a lot to do and this is just the very end of the process. Before that final moment, you...

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Summer Heat and Mold

Posted on Aug 12, 2020

Mold are fungal organisms that play a very important role in natural ecosystems as organic matter decomposers, but they also cause a variety of health issues when present in indoor environments. They are most active from early spring to fall, but their occurrence in indoor environments is most likely during winter and humid summer days. A...

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Natural Remedies for Black Mold

Posted on Jul 18, 2020

Black mold is a vicious fungus that readily occupies humid spots in the home. It is commonly found in bathrooms, kitchens, cellars, and attics, even in the cleanest, neatest homes. Regular exposure to this type of mold can lead to respiratory issues and allergic reactions, which is why it is necessary to regularly inspect your home and clean any...

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Is Your Home Ready for Summertime Mold Season?

Posted on Jul 14, 2020

While most people think winter is the time of the year when molds thrive, many forget that summer is also a critical period for their development. Certain types of molds remain dormant during the cold months; increasing temperatures and humidity end their dormancy and the spores begin to germinate. This process usually begins in late spring and...

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Signs You May Need A Mold Inspection

Posted on Jun 23, 2020

Mold is a colloquial term that encompasses many species of fungi whose growth causes discoloration and dusty or fuzzy appearance on construction materials, food, clothes, wood, and similar materials. Mold and their spores can be found everywhere, considering these fungi reproduce vigorously and play a crucial role in the degradation of organic...

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Understanding the Key Types of Mold Testing Methods

Posted on Jun 12, 2020

Molds are well-known air pollutants that cause allergic reactions, chronic sinusitis, and respiratory issues in humans and animals. They thrive in humid environments and are commonly found in business and residential buildings. Once a mold is present, it can be very difficult to get rid of them, so prevention is crucial. You may not always know if...

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Hidden Areas of Mold Growth at Home

Posted on May 25, 2020

The presence of mold in the home poses a significant threat to the health of all inhabitants. Babies, toddlers, and the elderly are especially susceptible to the negative effects of molds due to their sensitive immune system. Long-term exposure was shown to cause allergies, asthma, and in some cases very serious lung diseases. For this reason, it...

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Common Types of Mold in Home

Posted on May 20, 2020

According to the National Human Activity Pattern Survey (NHAPS), we spend about 90% of our day indoors, which indicates that indoor air quality plays a critical role in the health of modern society. While it is true that indoor air quality is influenced by outdoor air, many people forget that there are also indoor sources of pollution. Mold...

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Protect Your Family’s Health & Indoor Environment

Posted on Apr 28, 2020

In this day and age, the majority of people work in indoor environments. After the daily work is finished, they usually head to another indoor environment – back home. Just by looking at our habits and places we visit regularly, it is not hard to conclude that we spend the majority of our day inside. This is why indoor air quality plays such...

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How to Prevent Mold Growth this Spring

Posted on Mar 11, 2020

Longer days and warmer temperatures of the early spring bring a surge of new energy and sense of relief to many homeowners. This is a period of Nature’s rebirth; rising temperatures are melting last bits of ice and snow to supply plants, animals and fungi with enough moisture for growth. This includes mold too, so before you open up all...

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Preventing Window Mold this Winter

Posted on Feb 12, 2020

Winter is that time of the year when staying at your warm, cozy home seems like the most attractive option. Temperatures can be quite low outside and humidity very high – very unfavorable and unpleasant conditions for human errands, but very favourable for mold development around windows. If you’re not paying attention, your window...

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Preventing Basement Mold this Winter

Posted on Jan 21, 2020

Mold spores can exist and thrive almost anywhere. They are present in both indoor and outdoor air. If the environment is warm and humid, mold can grow and multiply very fast considering that these are optimal conditions for their growth. Stark differences between temperatures inside and outside during cold Toronto winters result in condensation on...

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Why Does My Home Smell Musty in the Winter?

Posted on Jan 17, 2020

Winters can be quite cold and long in Toronto and during those chilly days, windows in many homes are usually shut most of the time. While this is an excellent way to keep indoor temperature in a pleasant range when the cold bites to the bone, this practice also significantly increases air humidity. Showering, using home appliances like washing...

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Chronic Fatigue Due to Mold Growth

Posted on Jan 15, 2020

Air pollution has become a major global public health issue in the last few decades. New studies and data from the World Health Organization (WHO) show that nine out of ten people globally are breathing air that is full of dangerous chemicals. It is estimated that air pollution takes about 7 million lives annually. Sadly, the issue is increasing...

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Why You Shouldn't Ignore Mold Growth in the Wintertime

Posted on Dec 19, 2019

Mold is a term that encompasses numerous species of fungi that grow in the form of filaments and produce large amounts of microscopic spores which give their colonies a dusty texture. Considering that their spores are very light and easily spread by air currents, it is no big surprise why molds are so widely distributed. As they thrive in humid...

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Why You Need a Pre-Purchase Home Inspection

Posted on Dec 12, 2019

Purchasing a new home brings a lot of pleasure and excitement, but also requires tedious searching, a lot of discussions with a real estate agent and significant investments. Even when a seemingly perfect home is found, the story doesn’t end there. There are a number of problems that might be hidden or barely noticeable at first glance...

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How to Prevent & Remove Mold in the Laundry Room

Posted on Oct 25, 2019

Your laundry room is one of the more common sources for mold. It might be surprising because it’s an area of cleanliness – but laundry rooms are warm and humid – the perfect environment for mold. What’s important is to understand what causes mold to grow and how to prevent it. In a typical residential home, laundry rooms...

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Minimizing Mold Growth in My Cold Room

Posted on Sep 27, 2019

Mold is found everywhere in the environment and can infiltrate homes through windows, doors and water leaks. This is especially true for basements, which come with unique vulnerabilities that make them significantly more susceptible to mold growth. The damp and moist corners in basements that aren’t frequently trafficked create a perfect...

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Is Asbestos Affecting My Home Air Quality? 

Posted on Sep 20, 2019

Asbestos products were widely used in building construction for decades. It means that many homes may still contain remnants – and may experience home air quality issues that are compromised. For the most part, asbestos remains harmless if properly contained. Likely, your home air quality is unaffected. The problem, of course, is when...

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Mold Horror Stories - The Oakville Bathroom

Posted on Sep 06, 2019

We’ve seen some crazy things in our many years involved with mold remediation services, but one homeowner’s experience stands out as a true mold horror story. Last year, we worked with a family who purchased their dream home in 2010. It was a beautiful four-bedroom home that they bought from the previous owners after it had been...

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Debunking the Effects of Bleach on Mold

Posted on Aug 26, 2019

Mold is a universal problem, affecting most homes at some point in time. Homeowners are often unaware that even if you cannot see visible mold growth, it could still be growing in hard to reach places, such as basements, attics, below floors or behind walls. If you suspect mold is growing in your home, or if you see visible mold growth, many...

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How to Deal with Bathroom Mold Growth

Posted on Jul 30, 2019

Bathrooms are often sanctuaries within our homes. Maybe you like to relax at the end of the day with a warm bath or shower? Maybe you enjoy cranking up the tunes during your morning shower? Whatever your routine, there is one thing that is common about all bathrooms, they contain a lot of water. Sinks, toilets, bathrooms and showers, in addition to...

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How Does Summertime Humidity in Toronto Affect Mold Growth in the Home?

Posted on Jul 25, 2019

Humidity & Mold Growth Summer has officially started in Toronto, and that means sunshine, patio season, and unfortunately, mold growth. The extreme heat results in infrequent, but heavy rainfall that increases the chance of flooding. The large amount of moisture from the rain and humidity create the perfect environment for mold to flourish...

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Do you Have Mold in Your Home in Toronto?

Posted on Jul 03, 2019

Mold is a constant problem in our lives. We find it spoiling our food, our house plants, and even the infrastructure of our homes. As summer begins, and the weather starts to get sunnier, warmth and moisture can create the perfect environment to allow mold to bloom in your home. Although mold is everywhere in the environment and capable of growing...

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Mold Exposure: Signs & Symptoms

Posted on Jun 30, 2019

We’ve all seen it: a fuzzy white or green spot on our bread or maybe black discoloration where water once leaked in the basement. Mold. It comes in many shapes and forms and is almost everywhere in the environment: in the air, in the soil and unfortunately, in our homes. Although we often think of mold as harmless, exposure can lead to...

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Mold Inspection in Mississauga

Posted on Mar 25, 2019

If you have never checked or think you may have a mold situation, it might be necessary for you to schedule a mold inspection in Mississauga. Detecting all mold fields in your home is not the easiest do-it-yourself job and to thoroughly get the job done, you should hired licensed and certified professionals like our crews at InchByInch. Is a mold...

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Why does Mold Grow?

Posted on Mar 18, 2019

Mold is a biological organism that can appear on a variety of surfaces in your home. That being said, it is important to know why does mold grow? Feeding off moisture, mold can also reproduce and spread very quickly if left alone. If you experience any of the symptoms or signs of mold, you should contact a professional to take care of the problem...

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Mold Removal Services in Toronto

Posted on Dec 14, 2018

Mold removal in Toronto should be your next move if you experience any negative changes in lifestyle, health and wellbeing. As a homeowner, you are already aware of the challenges in controlling humidity inside your house and the ensuing mold development that occurs in high moisture areas. Mold goes beyond the ugly visuals though and can...

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Mold May be Negatively Affecting Your Health

Posted on Aug 28, 2018

Changes in health and lifestyle? You may have mold in your home As a homeowner, mold and your health should be two of your major concerns when it comes to maintaining your residence. Have you noticed slight changes in your lifestyle or general well-being? You may have an air quality problem caused by the presence of toxic mold in your home. Mold...

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Moisture & Humidity in Your Home Can Lead to Serious Problems

Posted on Jul 17, 2018

One of your biggest challenges as a homeowner is to control moisture and humidity for safe air quality. Humidity refers to the moisture level in the air and having too much or too little humidity can drastically affect the quality of life for you and the residents who live in the home. Seasonal changes can elevate humidity levels and homes...

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How to Prevent Mold Growth during Summer Humidity in Toronto?

Posted on Jul 16, 2018

The summer season can create problems inside your home Toronto can experience extremes in all four seasons and of our summers has proven to be some of the hottest on record. It can be a challenge to prevent mold growth during summer humidity when temperatures are consistently above 30 degrees. The high temperatures contribute to excess moisture...

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Mold and Asbestos: 2 Serious Problems for Homeowners

Posted on Jun 26, 2018

The air quality in your home is so important to keeping the quality of life high for you and your residents. Residential properties face an uphill battle in keeping the air safe and clean and two major causes for reduced air quality are mold development and presence of asbestos material inside the home. Mold can easily develop in areas of your home...

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10 Signs of Mold In Your Home or Office: The Hidden Danger

Posted on May 22, 2018

Mold is a fungus that can reduce air quality and cause health problems in individuals who are exposed to moldy air for extended periods of time. Mold usually thrives in dark and sometimes inaccessible parts of the property and it is important to recognize the potential signs of mold in your home or office. Excess humidity and restricted airflow...

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A Handy Mold Inspection Checklist for Homebuyers and Sellers

Posted on Apr 13, 2018

If you’re concerned about household mold, you’ll find this to be a very user-friendly mold inspection checklist. It’s easy to understand and quite relatable – it will give you a good sense of how professional mold inspections are preformed and how thoroughly they would be checking for mold. Clearly, this mold...

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Professional Asbestos Testing Is Key To Removal & Remediation

Posted on Apr 06, 2018

When it comes to asbestos, the professional approach is the only approach. And that includes both asbestos inspection and asbestos testing. If you suspect an asbestos deposit, you should be aware of the dangers, and of the absolute importance of managing the cleanup professionally. Where Is Asbestos Found There are many common places in the...

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What to Do When Buying or Selling a House with Mold?

Posted on Mar 26, 2018

The presence of mold shouldn't necessarily put the brakes on a potentially lucrative real estate deal. The key to buying or selling a house with mold is making sure both the purchaser and seller are fully aware of the situation and which repairs are required to restore the property. Mold is a serious problem for residential properties and can...

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What is the Difference Between Mould and Mold?

Posted on Feb 14, 2018

The only difference in the words mould or mold is the spelling – Canadians spell a certain way and Americans spell another way (there is no difference in meaning). What’s more important (whether its mould or mold) is the need to address an outbreak and professionally remove it. Understanding the basics of mold Mould (or mold) is...

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Finding Black Mold on the Wall is a Major Concern for Property Owners

Posted on Jan 30, 2018

The worst thing that owners can hear is that there is a mold problem at the property. Different types of mold exist but black mold is the most common in properties with excessive humidity and poor or restricted air flow. Is that black mold on the wall? Mold is a naturally occurring organism that serves a purpose in the ecosystem and one of...

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With Mold in your Building, Occupants Can Get Sick

Posted on Dec 30, 2017

In a typical building (both residential and commercial), it’s not uncommon to discover a mold outbreak. If you notice the signs of mold, and uncover pockets of mold in your building, then it’s time to take action. And since mold will grow and spread, the quicker the action, the better. As an organic substance, mold thrives in a moist...

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Mold in the Winter is Still a Concern for Homeowners

Posted on Dec 22, 2017

The main causes of mold development can be traced to excessive moisture and restricted ventilation. During the winter months, air becomes naturally drier and in-room and central humidifiers are used to add moisture to balance humidity levels. Even the slightest increase in moisture can create a situation for mold development. Areas around the home...

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Sick Building Syndrome Prevention Should be a Top Priority

Posted on Dec 09, 2017

Sick Building Syndrome is a relatively new health condition that is potentially caused by various indoor environmental dynamics. Inside an office building or commercial building, Sick Building Syndrome can be triggered by poor indoor air quality and even poor air circulation. And while causes aren’t always clear and understandable, suffice to...

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Air Quality Testing for Mold and Other Pollutants Might be the Answer

Posted on Nov 18, 2017

For homeowners with air quality concerns, it may be wise to undertake some air quality testing for mold. In fact, for the most thorough approach, it may be wise to test for other air pollutants at the same time. With professional testing, air quality concerns can be properly identified. When mold is the concern, air quality testing for mold can...

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Why to get your Toronto Property Inspected for Mold With Inch-by-Inch Inspections?

Posted on May 05, 2017

Mold infiltration, whether in a residential home or a commercial business in Toronto, can be challenging. From discovery to removal, to restoration, the entire process can be quite stressful. The fact is, mold can develop in a newly built home just as it does in an older home. Whatever the case, mold removal must be handled professionally, with...

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