Mold in the Winter is Still a Concern for Homeowners

The main causes of mold development can be traced to excessive moisture and restricted ventilation. During the winter months, air becomes naturally drier and in-room and central humidifiers are used to add moisture to balance humidity levels. Even the slightest increase in moisture can create a situation for mold development. Areas around the home that are notorious for decreased airflow can easily fall susceptible to a mold infestation, when this happens contact Inch By Inch for Mold Removal In Toronto. Mold by nature releases spores and bacteria into the localized air and can greatly decrease the quality of life within the home while creating health related issues for the residents.

How can homeowners prevent mold in the winter?

Because of the additional humidification needs of homes during the winter months, it is critical for homeowners to strictly monitor and manage the humidity levels within the home. No home has perfect unrestricted airflow and any additional moisture buildup in key areas could easily become a prime area for mold to take hold and spread. Lowering the temperature of the thermostat is also important for mold prevention as warmer air provides excellent breeding conditions for the fungus. Proper airflow and ventilation allows moisture to evaporate more efficiently and reduces the chances for mold to develop. Homeowners should schedule mold inspection from Inch by Inch pre-season and in-season to make sure mold creating factors are located and corrected.

Hotspots for mold during the cold winter months

Mold is the type of organism that does not require much to develop and multiply but the health and safety effects are of immediate concern. The presence of mold in the winter can create a host of different problems for residents in the home. A noticeable decrease in health and quality of life is most likely caused by low quality air filled with airborne mold byproducts. Excessive moisture is a key component for mold creation and can develop in different areas of the home such as:

  • Basements due to faulty or old insulation and restricted or minimal airflow
  • Attics and crawl spaces which are close to colder exterior surfaces
  • Areas around dishwashers, washers and dryers, refrigerators and appliances that use water or heat
  • Window sills where condensation from glass can accumulate

Professional removal of mold in the winter is the best process for restoration

Homeowners should take the necessary steps to prevent mold development in all seasons but once the toxic fungus had been discovered and located, it should only be removed and the area restored by professionals with extensive experience working with mold. Do it yourself kits do not have the necessary commercial strength to fully eradicate mold compared to the tools and cleaners available to mold removal professionals.

InchByInch has the right tools and expertise to remove mold in the winter months

The health effects of mold cannot be ignored and homeowners who suspect the possibility of mold in the home can trust the experts at InchByInch to identify mold locations and thoroughly remove the fungus from the affected area. InchByInch uses the latest environmentally friendly cleaners and chemicals and has extensive mold removal experience that homeowners can rely on for 100 percent satisfaction. 

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