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One of the more overlooked features of any residential or commercial property is the actual air quality inside the buildings. Many factors inside and outside the property can create a buildup of pollutants in the air stream creating short and long term health problems for anyone inside those buildings. Today’s technology allows for detailed air sampling and air quality testing in Toronto and surrounding area. Professionals can provide property owners with a detailed analysis of pollutants and other problems in the air and provide the most effective solutions for correcting the problem and preventing future issues air quality testing mold free air service inspection toronto vaughanwith the air quality. Some common pollutants that are tested for are:

  • Airborne spores and bacteria from mold
  • Allergens created by poor circulation
  • Volatile organic compounds (VOC’s)
  • Off gassing from old asbestos installations
  • CO2 buildup from incorrect venting of equipment

Inch by Inch Inspections provides professional, feasible solutions to fix poor Air Quality. The air you breathe inside your home or office should not make you sick and the condition is preventable by identifying the contaminants and their causes. Air Sampling is therefore the first step in solving the causes of poor air quality. The contaminants Inch by Inch Inspections tests for vary and depend on the environment we find in your home or offices. Mold is the number one cause for triggering allergies for some people and symptoms may include nausea, stuffiness, and eye irritation. Additional conditions we look for are poor air circulation inside your home, especially if it has been built within the last ten years. Higher than normal levels of carbon dioxide can also produce symptoms such as shortness of breath and nausea all because there is a lack of outside air entering your home. When you are faced with a mold or mildew problem in your home or business, trust Inch by Inch Inspections. We can identify & remove mold, asbestos, bacteria, high levels of CO2 and more.

Undetected mold creates air quality issues

Air quality issues in residential properties can likely be tracked to undetected mold formation. Mold is an organic fungus that can easily fester and develop in areas with poor air circulation and high humidity. Unmanaged mold can continue to grow and take over walls, fixtures, wood components and even carpets releasing a constant stream of harmful mold spores and bacteria into the airflow within the residence. Moldy air will create unpleasant odors and short term health issues such as:

  • Allergic type reactions and respiratory problems
  • Reduced energy and drowsiness
  • Headaches and improper sleep patterns

Long term health effects can be more sever and air quality testing is the first step in detecting and eliminating the fungus and the symptoms that go along with moldy air.

Other factors that can affect the air

Reduced air quality can easily be caused by factors inside the property as well as outside environmental issues. Older commercial properties that still have asbestos installations must perform air quality testing to determine if the harmful product has contaminated the air. Faulty and inefficient HVAC systems and cute girl sneezing mold allergy cat mold removal services toronto improper venting can also build up pollutants inside commercial spaces and warehouses. Businesses that are experiencing a reduction in productivity and increase in costs may have a ‘sick’ workforce that have been exposed to bad quality air. A detailed air quality test from a professional with commercial experience will reveal current and potential air quality issues and solutions.

Professionals understand the air quality business

Experience in both residential and commercial properties is necessary to really understand the how and why of air quality problems. Professionals know the main causes of bad air and through extensive diagnosis, can determine which pollutants are present and create the best course of action to reverse and improve localized air quality. When air quality testing reveals problems, contractors, Inch by Inch can employ air management solutions such as:

  • Mold detection and removal
  • Old asbestos evacuation
  • Airflow improvement recommendations
  • Venting inspection and redesign

Inch by Inch provides the best air quality testing and solutions

When air quality issues are suspected, Inch by Inch is the best contractor to call for diagnosis and improvement of bad air in residential and commercial properties. Using the latest air sampling equipment, Inch by Inch will provide owners with a detailed air quality analysis and the best possible measures to correct and enhance the inside air to improve quality of life, health and productivity.

If you need help now, please contact Inch by Inch Inspections for quality and ethical air quality testing service at a reasonable price. We ensure the safety and air quality of your home by testing for VOC, Carbon Monoxide and Dioxide, air particulates, humidity levels, Mold/Mould, Asbestos, Formaldehyde, Allergens and more!

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What Our Clients Say About Us

Tony did an excellent job with inspecting the house. He was very knowledgable in his field and thorough with his inspection. He carefully and patiently looked at both the exterior and interior of the building. He pointed out the deficiencies, what the risks are and how to rectify them. He answered all of our questions and made sure that we understood them. He offered his expertise and help if we needed.


I have heard a lot of stories about home inspection but I could honestly say that I had a great experience. I would like to thank Tony from Inch by Inch Home Inspection for the great experience. A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting Tony through my realtor. I want to thank Tony for taking the time to answer any questions and any concerns I had about my home inspection.


Tony Muscat of Inch by Inch Inspections is extremely professional, caring and a prompt individual, when he heard we may have a mould problem he came immediately. Tony was worried with the level of mould that was contained in this recent purchased older home and he walked me through the process of getting rid of the mould and what dangers were involved. He paid the best attention to us, while we went through this horrible ordeal. The fact that impressed me the most was his vast amount of knowledge, and the dangers of each mould which there are many. He is extremely professional and equipped to handle any job. I would recommend Inch by Inch, (Tony) to anyone he is a concerned and serious individual, that cares about your family!!!!!!!


If it wasn't for Joe from Inch by Inch Healthy Homes coming into test the quality of the air in 3 condo's in our building we would have never known it was a gas leak from an outside BBQ which had been an ongoing problem for close to four years!!!!!!(the gas smell was going into the fresh air intake and then spreading through the 3 condo's!!!  Thank You!


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