Poor Indoor Air Quality

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Air quality is the key to a healthy space

When it comes to increased quality of life or a safe work environment, air quality is the key factor that controls how healthy a space is. Poor air quality directly affects workers and residents of a space and can cause adverse health issues and increased business costs. A sign of poor air quality could be indicated by complaints of tiredness and lethargy by employees or residents.

Humans and pets are the first inhabitants to suffer when exposed to poor quality air. Owners and tenants in residential properties may have a serious air quality issue if there is constant lack of energy. Other signs of poor air quality are:

Workers and employees who are exposed to poor quality air in the workspace will also face health issues, and business owners will see reduced productivity and increased labor costs which will negatively impact the bottom line. Healthy employees are motivated employees that produce better quality results in less time.

What can cause a bad air situation

Poor quality air can be created by a number of different factors including improper venting, mold growth, and air flow causing a buildup of harmful pollutants or mold from HVAC equipment. Residential properties that use gas powered equipment such as furnaces and hot water tanks release harmful byproducts that must be vented to the outside. Faulty or non-functioning insulation could also restrict airflow contributing to a low quality air situation. Homeowners and residents who experience constant drowsiness and lack of energy within the home should take it as a sign of poor air quality and should have it checked by a professional immediately.

poor air quality affects productivity Is your company’s productivity down?

Commercial properties and office space have more complex airflow needs and could easily be suffering from ‘sick building syndrome’. Business owners and managers who notice a decline in productivity should take note if the workspace is suffering from poor air quality. Decreases in employee output and increases in worker sick days could be a sign of poor air quality in the working environment. Bad air directly affects the health of employees and could lead to a constant feeling of drowsiness and lack of energy among the workforce. Businesses that depend on a healthy team will see reduced profitability when the health of the workforce is affected.

Inch By Inch is the first choice for air quality management

Feeling constantly drowsy during the day means a low quality of life residential dwellers and lower productivity and profitability for businesses. Breathing in low quality air will create short term and long term health issues for those that have to consume the air and a company like Inch by Inch can use their commercial and residential expertise to thoroughly check the quality of the air, check for mold and provide solutions to correct and improve the air within the space. Hiring the professionals at Inch by Inch is the next step when signs of poor air quality present themselves to check. Contact us for an air quality test at 416-826-7172 or toll free at 1-888-445-0737. Keep your air clean.

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