Professional Mold Removal in Mississauga

Mold infestations, wherever they occur, can be a serious challenge for any homeowner. From detection, to removal, to remediation, the process is nothing short of stressful. Worse still, mold can grow and spread in a new home just like in an older home. Regardless of the circumstances, mold, especially attic mold, should be removed professionally. For professional mold removal in Mississauga, Inch-by-Inch Inspections provides homeowners with quick turnaround and comprehensive cleanup. Simply put, the notion of a DIY cleanup should be avoided.

Mold Removal in Mississauga Performed by Certified Professionals

professional mold removal mississauga certified inspectorOffering professional mold removal in Mississauga for all mold problems, Inch-by-Inch Inspections has a team of trained and qualified mold experts who specialize in remediation. Our team does it all – from inspection, to removal, to cleanup. We get to the root cause of a mold infestation and make every effort to prevent additional damages from developing in future. Our remediation teams operate according to the industry standard, ensuring a safe and effective cleanup every time. Our mold removal protocols are comprehensive, thus preventing any residual infiltration.

In some situations, it can be tough to find the source of a mold outbreak. In fact, mold can be tricky, as it often finds a “hidden” environment that is not readily visible, especially with water damage. In damp conditions, mold will find the perfect breeding ground – there just has to be material to “feed” on. This could be damp drywall, soaked wood, or wet carpeting. For homeowners looking for mold removal in Mississauga, the professionals at Inch-by-Inch offer a thorough and methodical approach. Our crews will respond very quickly, and long-term results are always assured.

Expert mold removal in Mississauga from Inch-by-Inch Inspections

At Inch-by-Inch, we begin our work with an in-depth home inspection. Depending on the scope of the outbreak, testing may be required in order to ascertain the nature of the mold. In every case it’s important to establish whether the mold is dangerous or hazardous. Clearly, this will have an impact on the approach to mold removal and any precautions.

When a mold infestation has been assessed, the team at Inch-by-Inch will advise on a viable action plan. We use high-tech equipment to accurately assess the situation. We provide a detailed report that is beyond the industry standard. And with our Neutral Reporting system, customers can make their own conclusions and decisions without any undue pressure.

Mold removal in Mississauga and throughout the Golden Horseshoe

Inch-by-Inch Inspections is available seven days a week throughout the Mississauga area. We are one of the leading mold removal companies in the GTA. From the inspection stage, to removal, to mold remediation, we have the personnel and equipment to tackle mold infestations of any scope. We believe that this type of work must be done right from the start – it isn’t the time for DIY solutions from the local home improvement centre.

Because mold has the potential to present health risks, removal requires more than just a “surface” approach. It has to be done right by professionals who have the experience and expertise to deliver long-term results. For more information about Inch-by-Inch Inspections or to book a mold inspection, call 416-826-7172 or 1-888-445-0737 or visit the company website at

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