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Common FAQs About Mold Removal and Air Inspections in Oakville

Posted on Apr 12, 2024

Maintaining a safe, he­althy living space is important, and mold removal and air inspections play an e­ssential role. If you reside­ in Oakville, Inch by Inch Inspections offers re­liable services. Our ce­rtified professionals use advance­d equipment to provide compre­hensive mold removal in Oakville and e­nsure...

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The Top 3 Factors Impacting Home Air Quality in Burlington

Posted on Jan 19, 2024

Asbestos air testing, alongside a home air quality test in Burlington, is key for homeowners who want to ensure that the air they breathe in their home is of the highest quality. On average, we­'re indoors 90% of our time, so the air inside­ of your home can have effects on your health. Poor air quality can cause issue­s like...

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What Are The Symptoms of Sick Home Syndrome?

Posted on Dec 12, 2023

Sick home syndrome is a common affliction in the Greater Toronto Area. When all or many occupants of a property collectively start to experience similar symptoms and illnesses such as dizziness, allergies, fatigue, or headaches, the source is likely linked to an air quality issue hidden within the building, whether it’s a home, business, or...

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How To Get Your Property Ready for Tenants with Air Quality Testing

Posted on Aug 17, 2023

Finding a suitable tenant for your rental property can be challenging — so when you do, keeping them happy and healthy with a well-maintained space should be your priority. Inch by Inch Inspection recommends adding odour removal in Toronto to your to-do list to have your property free of foul odours and ready for move-in day. Air quality...

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How Your Outdoor Environment Affects Indoor Air Quality

Posted on Jun 26, 2023

Air quality testing in Mississauga is vital to ensure clean and fresh air in our homes to prevent us from ingesting or inhaling contaminants that lead to illness and degrade our health. What many people don’t realize is that pollutants outdoors can infiltrate indoor space and air quality, impacting our health and well-being.  When...

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Household Odours That Are a Sign for Concern

Posted on May 22, 2023

Our homes are full of smells, odours, and aromas. Sometimes, it's a smell trickling in from next door or a new cologne that someone is wearing. Other times, these odours aren't as pleasant and may be cause for concern. For instance, if you notice a peculiar smell that resembles rotten eggs, you may be at risk of a gas leak. Or, if...

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The Role of Air Purifiers in Mold Removal

Posted on May 16, 2023

When mold infests our property, we often try to think of different ways we can try to remove it on our own. This may include vinegar-water solutions, bleach, or for some, an air purifier. However, these approaches aren’t always effective or practical, especially an air purifier. If you spot mold in your home, don’t try and eliminate it...

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How to Respond to Volatile Organic Compounds Effectively

Posted on Apr 18, 2023

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are chemicals commonly found in many products, such as cleaning supplies, furniture, and even cosmetics, which are cast into the air. They are often detected via air quality testing. Volatile organic compounds can come in many forms, but in most cases, property owners or occupants don't realize there's a...

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How Air Quality Testing Facilitates Mold Inspections & Removal

Posted on Jan 29, 2023

Air quality testing in Toronto is a critical step in mold inspections that allow professionals to effectively detect inspections or heightened mold levels. When suspicions of a mold infestation within your residential or commercial property arise, mold inspections in Toronto are conducted to confirm the presence of mold and identify its location....

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Why Is Air Quality Testing Important?

Posted on Jan 23, 2023

Despite our best intentions, the air inside our properties may become polluted by various contaminants. Sometimes, a mistake can easily trigger the release of volatile organic compounds, such as asbestos, or problems with the infrastructure can leak chemical toxins, like carbon monoxide or smoke. To ensure your indoor air is safe and healthy,...

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How to Know if Mold is Making Indoor Air Quality Worse

Posted on Dec 20, 2022

When the weather is cold, most of your time is spent indoors, which means during the winter good indoor air quality is even more important. However, with the heat roaring and windows shut, fresh air decreases and humidity increases. As a result, mold spores will fester in your home, leading to potential outbreaks. If you suspect that your property...

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Does Your Home Need Good Air Quality?

Posted on Sep 13, 2022

For many homeowners, the state of their indoor air quality is challenging to track and manage. Indoor air pollution typically worsens slowly over time, making it difficult to notice or see in your daily life without official air quality testing. Just because it isn't obvious doesn't mean poor indoor air quality does not significantly affect...

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How to Know If Your Home Has a Carbon Monoxide Leak

Posted on Jul 07, 2022

Most homeowners understand that carbon monoxide is a hazardous gas that can infiltrate their homes. Unfortunately, because carbon monoxide is colourless and odourless, it is difficult to detect and respond to quickly and efficiently, leaving occupants unsure of when they’re at risk. If you’re concerned about carbon monoxide, a home air...

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Asbestos' Impact on Indoor Air Quality In Oakville

Posted on Jun 08, 2022

Asbestos is a naturally occurring fibrous material that was used in many products from insulation to roofing. We know now that asbestos is extremely hazardous and can cause lung cancer, mesothelioma, and asbestosis. While asbestos inspections in Oakville has been common practice in recent years and the mineral is no longer used in most...

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How Mold Growth Affects Indoor Air Quality

Posted on Jun 06, 2022

Having good indoor air quality in your property is paramount for your comfort and health. Unfortunately, it can quickly be impacted by the onset of mold. If mold has infiltrated your property and it goes without mold remediation in Toronto for too long, the indoor air quality becomes compromised, ultimately affecting your well-being and those...

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Contaminants That Affect Air Quality And Your Health

Posted on Jun 02, 2022

Air quality testing in Toronto is not something that you do regularly or should do at home, but there are some contaminants that affect air quality. Home air quality tests are important because indoor air pollution may be two to five times more polluted than outdoor air. That can increase your risk of problems like asthma and other lung diseases,...

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Why Renters and Homeowners Should Care About Air Quality Tests in Toronto

Posted on Mar 21, 2022

Indoor air quality is important to everyone, but it's especially crucial for homeowners. Poor air quality can cause multiple health problems, from asthma and allergies to more serious issues like cancer. That's why homeowners need to book home air quality tests regularly. Inch By Inch provides an easy way for homeowners to test their...

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If Renovating Consider The Following Asbestos Risks

Posted on Jan 04, 2022

Asbestos may be found in a wide range of building materials, and it can be found in buildings of all ages. It is known to cause lung diseases such as mesothelioma and asbestosis. If you are renovating an older house, there are a few items that you should watch out for, which could contain asbestos. If you are thinking about renovating your home or...

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Control Indoor Allergens to Improve Home Air Quality

Posted on Dec 17, 2021

Allergies are on the rise, especially among children. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, allergies are the 6th leading chronic disease in the United States, with 45 million Americans suffering from severe allergies. Low levels of indoor air pollutants can exacerbate allergy symptoms. Indoor air pollutants are inescapable....

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Why Homeowners Need Asbestos Air Testing In Toronto

Posted on Dec 04, 2021

A lot of people have it in their heads that, asbestos is only present in older homes built before 1985 and therefore you only need to schedule asbestos testing in older Toronto homes. This is not true. Unfortunately, asbestos could be present in any home as a result of material that was used as insulation or filler.  Asbestos starts to...

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Asbestos and Air Quality Testing FAQs

Posted on Nov 19, 2021

Are you having concerns about the air quality at your property? Thinking about getting air quality testing or asbestos removal for your Toronto home? If the answer is yes, you probably wonder how the pollutants got inside in the first place and how to get rid of them. To help you find the answers and more information...

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Why Air Quality Tests Matter Post COVID-19

Posted on Nov 16, 2021

The COVID-19 epidemic has affected the health of many Canadians, and some of them still feel the consequences of the infection manifesting as reduced lung capacity and lung sensitivity. Being exposed to contaminated air in such conditions can cause a myriad of problems. A recent Canadian study suggests that more than 2,000 Canadians die prematurely...

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Schedule Air Quality Testing in Oakville for Better Productivity

Posted on Oct 14, 2021

Stale air and unpleasant smells negatively affect our health and ability to focus and having such an environment in the office can be quite detrimental to productivity. To stay efficient and focused, your working area needs to be clean, pleasant, and have a steady supply of fresh air (and coffee). Many spend 40 hours at work every week and are...

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Reopening Safely with Air Quality Testing In Toronto

Posted on Oct 04, 2021

After months of remote working regime, many businesses are now ready to reopen and finally continue working as usual. While some business owners are reluctant to reopen, fearing that the current signs of progress are ephemeral, others are eager to go back to the office and team up with their employees. Either way, having a proper reopening plan is...

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Air Quality Matters - What To Look For When Buying A Home In Oakville

Posted on Sep 24, 2021

Purchasing a home is a significant financial investment for anyone. Before finalizing your choice and closing on any deal, Inch by Inch Inspections highly recommends hiring a professional home service company to perform a comprehensive inspection of the home, including the structural integrity, home insulation status and indoor air quality. When...

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Radon: The Secret Air Quality Pollutant in Toronto

Posted on Sep 17, 2021

Pollution is an inescapable part of modern life, but it’s generally something we associate with factory smoke and gridlocked highways. However, our risk of illness and disease is disproportionately affected by the last thing most expect: how much time we spend indoors. Air quality testing in Toronto with Inch by Inch is a safe and effective...

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4 Factors Affecting the Air Quality Of Your Toronto Home

Posted on Sep 02, 2021

Clean air inside homes, offices and other indoor environments is a vital aspect of comfort and the general well-being of people spending time in those environments. Even though we hear a lot about the importance of air quality to human health, it is often neglected, even in commercial settings. Many Toronto home and business owners don’t seem...

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Air Quality Testing and Asbestos Testing In Toronto

Posted on Aug 24, 2021

Air quality testing in Toronto can help you determine several unnoticed health hazards in your house. You might not know it, but there are many harmful substances present in your indoor environment. Toxic elements like mold, asbestos, and pollen can lead to several health conditions. Air quality tests like asbestos testing in Toronto can determine...

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Health Issues Related to Asbestos Exposure in Toronto

Posted on Jul 22, 2021

Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral composed of fibrous crystals with fire and heat-resistant properties. Due to its favourable physical qualities, cheapness and availability, asbestos was a widely used material in construction and product manufacturing from the beginning of the Industrial Revolution until the second half of the previous...

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A Professional Approach to Asbestos Testing in Oakville

Posted on Jul 12, 2021

Once a widely used building material, asbestos is today listed as a highly hazardous substance. A few decades ago, we learnt that exposure to asbestos causes various severe health conditions and diseases like asbestosis, lung cancer, and mesothelioma. However, the use and import of asbestos and asbestos-containing products were officially...

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The Shocking Facts About Home Air Quality

Posted on Jun 15, 2021

Considering how much time we spend indoors lately, indoor air pollutants are getting increasing attention and becoming one of the leading global health concerns. The modern way of living is significantly different from what it was only a few decades ago. Some seemingly innocent habits, materials and products we regularly use today can actually be...

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What To Know About Asbestos Air Testing

Posted on Jun 11, 2021

Asbestos is a naturally occurring silicate mineral composed of long, thin thread-like crystals. When it’s subjected to abrasion or similar type of physical damage, it releases microscopic fibrils. The fibrils quickly become airborne with even the slightest air movement, and if inhaled, they can cause severe lung problems. Once the...

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Is Your Home Air Quality Affecting Your Health?

Posted on Jun 03, 2021

Spending a lot of time home has become a regular part of everyday life for many during the COVID-19 pandemic. In such circumstances, ensuring that home air quality is tested to ensure it is healthy is of utmost importance. You might not be aware, but indoor air quality has profound effects on your health. Something you might recognize as cold or a...

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What is the Cost Of Air Quality Testing?

Posted on May 17, 2021

The cost is one of the most critical factors most homeowners consider when hiring a professional air quality testing company in Toronto. This is entirely understandable, considering that a thorough home air quality test includes taking several samples and, well, lab analyses are not quite cheap. However, the health effects of having poor air...

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What Are Designated Substance Reports

Posted on May 12, 2021

There are hundreds of pollutants present in our everyday surroundings, in both indoor and outdoor environments. Some of them can cause severe health issues, which is why they have been classified as designated substances by the Ministry of Labour. Considering that exposure to these substances is very harmful, business owners are required to have...

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Are There Home Air Quality Concerns With Living in Vaughan

Posted on May 07, 2021

According to a study released by the University of Toronto's Southern Ontario Center for Atmospheric Aerosol Research, one in three Canadians lives near a major road and is regularly exposed to exhaust gases. In the study, air pollution was measured in a few locations in Toronto and Vancouver over the course of two years. The results have shown...

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3 Types of Air Quality Testing For Your Home

Posted on Apr 19, 2021

Your home is where you spend most of your time indoors, especially when taking sleep into account. You want to make sure that the air you’re breathing is safe and that you and your family are protected. Unfortunately, it can be very expensive and difficult to get air quality testing for all the different types of indoor pollutants at once....

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Air Pollution Kills More People Than COVID

Posted on Apr 07, 2021

According to the World Health Organization estimates, 7 million people die every year as a result of air pollution. On average, 9 out of 10 people on Earth breathe contaminated air every day. These statistics are very worrying, especially considering the current COVID pandemic - spending a lot of time indoors doesn't really contribute to good...

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How Healthy is Your Air - How to Test Your Home Air Quality

Posted on Mar 15, 2021

Do you have problems with chronic sinusitis? Are you feeling weary and low on energy despite getting a good night’s sleep? Do you feel drowsy when you spend some time at home but feel better when you go out? Well, it might be because of poor air quality in your home. Getting a home air quality test can reveal the culprit. Many...

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How Can I Test The Air Quality of My Burlington Home for Asbestos

Posted on Mar 05, 2021

We spend most of our days indoors, including our homes, offices, and schools. It’s important to ensure that while you're indoors, the air you breathe is clean, pollutant-free, and good for your health. Pollutants can be difficult to detect and could be a cause for numerous symptoms such as fevers, coughing, and more. To help make sure...

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Signs of Poor Air Quality in Your Burlington Home

Posted on Feb 26, 2021

Poor air quality in the home can be caused by various pollutants, but one of the most harmful ones is asbestos. This naturally-occurring mineral is a silent, slow killer. If inhaled, its microfibers cause inflammation of the lung tissues and permanent scarring. Long-term exposure can result in very serious diseases like asbestosis, mesothelioma,...

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What are Ideal Household Humidity Levels?

Posted on Feb 01, 2021

Because we spend so much time indoors (much of it at home), indoor air quality and home humidity is critical for both health and comfort. Humidity is the amount of water vapour in air, and getting the right proportion between air and moisture is more important than many think. Too much home humidity will cause moisture problems. Worse case, it...

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Symptoms of Poor Air Quality

Posted on Jan 15, 2021

Many homeowners live in polluted homes without ever knowing their health is at risk. Many indoor air pollutants are very hard to detect with a simple inspection, while some, like molds, become visible only once the damage is already done. This is why the safest way to find out whether the indoor air is polluted is to get air quality testing....

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Common Indoor Air Quality Pollutants

Posted on Jan 14, 2021

Most of us, living in the city of Toronto, first think of fossil fuel combustion and industrial pollution as the leading causes of low air quality, but they are only a part of the problem. Even if the outdoor air is clean and fresh, you need to do an indoor air quality test to ensure your home air quality is equally good. Indoor...

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How Does Mold Affect Air Quality?

Posted on Jan 04, 2021

Mold is a term that encompasses various species of microscopic fungi that form multicellular thread-like growths (hyphae) and reproduce via spores. This diverse group of tiny fungal organisms plays a very important role in nature, as it decomposes organic matter and enables nutrient cycling. However, even though they are one of the cornerstones of...

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Improving Air Quality This Winter

Posted on Dec 14, 2020

Having good air quality at home is an essential component of a healthy life. With changes in seasons and temperatures outside and inside our homes, it can be difficult for us to maintain high air quality throughout the entire year. Summer and winter are the most critical seasons, as we tend to close all windows and amp up the AC....

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Why is Air Quality Testing Important?

Posted on Nov 12, 2020

Good air quality in the home is one of the key elements for a healthy life. When someone mentions air pollution, the first thing that comes to mind to many people is smog, a visible mass of gasses and airborne particles that is usually a result of fossil fuel combustion and industrial activities. However, if you cannot see the pollution it...

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How to Safely Deal with Asbestos in The Winter Time

Posted on Nov 06, 2020

Although asbestos is an excellent insulator, widely used in construction due to its lightness and low cost, it is also a very dangerous material that can cause a variety of serious health issues. Asbestos is composed of tiny microfibrils that can become airborne due to damage and abrasion. If the microfibrils get inhaled, they permanently stay in...

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How to Identify Asbestos Materials?

Posted on Nov 02, 2020

Asbestos is a common, naturally occurring mineral composed of thin, thread-like crystals. Each crystal is made of microscopic fibrils that can become airborne if subjected to abrasion and damaging. The Ancient Greek word “asbestos” (ἄσβεστος) translates to “inextinguishable”,...

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What Happens If I Have Poor Air Quality?

Posted on Oct 19, 2020

Poor air quality has been recognized as a global health issue which affects nine out of ten people, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). Most of the pollution comes from industrial activities and fossil fuel combustion, creating a thick layer of smog over cities and industry-intensive areas. However, many overlook the importance of...

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When Should I Worry About Asbestos?

Posted on Oct 06, 2020

Asbestos is a naturally-occurring silicate mineral, composed of long, fibrous crystals. Each fiber is made up of extremely small fibrils that are prone to becoming airborne because of damage or abrasion. There are six types of asbestos which differ in their colour, structure and amount of contaminants. Because of its favourable insulating...

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Signs You Might Need A Home Air Quality Test

Posted on Sep 10, 2020

Poor air quality affects 91% of the world population according to the World Health Organization (WHO). While it is true most of the air pollution comes from industrial activities and fossil fuel combustion, we also have to take into account indoor air quality and air pollutants that are present in residential and commercial buildings. Indoor and...

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3 Reasons to Test Your Home for Asbestos

Posted on Sep 04, 2020

Asbestos is a naturally occurring silicate mineral that is composed of thread-like crystals. Each crystal fiber consists of tiny, microscopic fibrils that can become airborne due to abrasion or damage. Asbestos was a widely used material in construction for the most of 20th century until it was confirmed that its fibrils cause serious respiratory...

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Can Asbestos Affect Your Health?

Posted on Aug 09, 2020

Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral, made of long, thin, thread-like crystals. Each thread is composed of numerous microscopic fibers that can get released into the air by abrasion or other types of physical damage. Asbestos was widely used as a building material for the most of 20th century. It was often mixed with concrete due to its very...

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Summer Allergies and Indoor Air Quality

Posted on Aug 04, 2020

Late spring and summer are the worst parts of the year for many people who suffer from allergies due to high levels of air pollutants. In order to avoid them, many people with allergies prefer to stay at home during the warm months. However, this might not be the best solution if the air quality of their home isn’t great. Weather conditions...

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How to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Posted on Jul 10, 2020

Now that we are spending more time at home, good indoor air quality has become a crucial factor in maintaining good health. Millions of people die every year from diseases related to indoor air pollution, and the current COVID-19 situation has only accentuated the importance of this issue as individuals are spending much more time inside their...

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How to Test for Asbestos

Posted on Jul 03, 2020

Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral that was widely used in construction during the previous century. When it became evident that this material causes severe respiratory issues with long-term exposure, many countries banned or limited its use. However, considering that many residential and business buildings in Canada have been constructed...

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Asbestos Exposure in the Home: Risk and Removal

Posted on Jun 19, 2020

Asbestos was a widely used building material for most of the 20th century. It was mainly utilized in the manufacture of fire-resistant and insulation materials due to its favourable physical qualities. Asbestos was used for producing floor and ceiling tiles, house siding, plaster, brake pads, heat-resistant fabrics, hot water pipe insulation, etc....

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Indoor Air Quality in Office Buildings: Is It Time for Testing?

Posted on Jun 05, 2020

Clean, fresh air is a prerequisite for anyone to feel energized, productive, and efficient. Clean air can improve blood pressure and mood, strengthen the immune system, and ensure better digestion of food. It is one of the key elements for a healthy life. Individuals tend to spend the majority of their time at work. An environment where feeling...

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DIY Air Quality Tests vs Professional Air Quality Testing

Posted on May 13, 2020

If you have the equipment and  know-how to do the work and repairs around the house on your own, you are probably saving a lot of money. Expertise is often expensive and a lot of minor issues in home can be dealt with without professional help, just with the right skills. Nowadays it is very easy to learn those skills, considering that the...

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What to Expect During the Asbestos Abatement Process

Posted on May 06, 2020

Asbestos abatement is a very serious procedure which requires experience, professional knowledge and great caution, considering how harmful these microscopic fibers can be. If you have a problem with asbestos contamination, it is best to call a professional asbestos abatement company. They are equipped with tools and knowledge to deal with this...

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Protect Your Family’s Health & Indoor Environment

Posted on Apr 28, 2020

In this day and age, the majority of people work in indoor environments. After the daily work is finished, they usually head to another indoor environment – back home. Just by looking at our habits and places we visit regularly, it is not hard to conclude that we spend the majority of our day inside. This is why indoor air quality plays such...

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The Effects of Bedroom Air Quality on Sleep

Posted on Apr 23, 2020

Do you wake up tired? Does it take you long to fall asleep? If you are having these, or other similar sleep problems, you might want to inspect the air quality in your bedroom. Good quality sleep is essential for good health, good mood, good looks, sharp focus and efficient working performance. If we also take into account that we spend about a...

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Tips for Improving Indoor Air Quality This Spring

Posted on Apr 08, 2020

Poor air quality in your home can have a significant effect on your mood and health. Low air quality has been connected with a number of health issues, such as asthma, fatigue, low energy and lung diseases. There are various factors that affect indoor air quality, including increased air humidity, outside air pollution, building materials that...

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Maintaining Indoor Air Quality While Growing Cannabis

Posted on Mar 25, 2020

Since the surge of cannabis legalization and legal changes in October 2018 many Canadians have seized the given opportunity and started cultivating their own marijuana plants at home. Even though the number of plants per home is limited, indoor cannabis cultivation created increased need for odour removal services and special precautions for...

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Air Quality Testing for Volatile Organic Compounds

Posted on Feb 28, 2020

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are chemicals that have a high vapour pressure at room temperature, which enables them to easily evaporate or sublimate and enter the surrounding air. These compounds are numerous, and they can be both natural and man-made.  Most VOCs are harmless, but there are some that have harmful qualities that usually...

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Why You Need a Designated Substances Survey Report

Posted on Feb 06, 2020

Whether you are planning to completely renovate your home or just do some smaller maintenance work, renovation is the perfect time to assess your home and land for potentially hazardous substances. This kind of assessment is considered necessary especially when old houses are in question, because they were often constructed with potentially harmful...

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Is the Air Quality in Your Home Making You Sick?

Posted on Dec 30, 2019

Usually when people think of air pollution, they think about the city smog, industrial and agricultural emissions, but very few remember the importance of air quality indoors. Considering how much time we spend in indoor environments today (around 90% on average), indoor air quality has become a very important factor that contributes to overall...

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Common Causes for Indoor Air Quality Issues in the Winter

Posted on Nov 05, 2019

Many homeowners find it difficult to maintain good indoor air quality throughout winter. For those who live in colder climates, much time is spent indoors during the winter, so air quality is even more important. The challenges are common in most residential homes – dryer indoor air; more limited ventilation; and heating sources that are...

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How Does Summertime Humidity in Toronto Affect Mold Growth in the Home?

Posted on Jul 25, 2019

Humidity & Mold Growth Summer has officially started in Toronto, and that means sunshine, patio season, and unfortunately, mold growth. The extreme heat results in infrequent, but heavy rainfall that increases the chance of flooding. The large amount of moisture from the rain and humidity create the perfect environment for mold to flourish...

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The Importance of Air Quality Testing

Posted on Jan 14, 2019

Air quality testing is commonly neglected in homes and offices but it is definitely one of the more critical services to consider. Indoor air pollution can come in many forms and in some cases, is completely odourless. People who live and work in your space could be exposed to polluted air and not even know it! Breathing in bad air on a regular...

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Mold May be Negatively Affecting Your Health

Posted on Aug 28, 2018

Changes in health and lifestyle? You may have mold in your home As a homeowner, mold and your health should be two of your major concerns when it comes to maintaining your residence. Have you noticed slight changes in your lifestyle or general well-being? You may have an air quality problem caused by the presence of toxic mold in your home. Mold...

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Hot Summers Mean Air Quality & Humidity Issues in Toronto

Posted on Aug 13, 2018

Summer temperatures are on their way up in Toronto and this season is no exception with record breaking heat and humidity causing air quality and humidity problems for homeowners. Homes with poor insulation or restricted air flow could see the indoor humidity rise along with the outdoor humidity. Excess moisture that cannot be vented can decrease...

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Beautify & Purify Your Home With Common Indoor House Plants

Posted on Jul 31, 2018

Maintaining air quality is one of the biggest challenges for homeowners and using a plant that improves air quality is a natural way to remove various toxins and pollutants from the home’s inside air. Studies have shown that in many cases the inside air quality in residential homes is much worse than the outside air. There are appliances that...

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Moisture & Humidity in Your Home Can Lead to Serious Problems

Posted on Jul 17, 2018

One of your biggest challenges as a homeowner is to control moisture and humidity for safe air quality. Humidity refers to the moisture level in the air and having too much or too little humidity can drastically affect the quality of life for you and the residents who live in the home. Seasonal changes can elevate humidity levels and homes...

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Is Your Indoor Air Quality Healthy? What You Are Breathing In?

Posted on Jun 18, 2018

You may have invested time and money into the exterior and interior of your home, but have you ever considered the quality of the air you breath while inside the home? It is a well-known fact that indoor air quality in residential homes is sometimes worse than the quality of the air outside. Certain toxins and pollutants have no detectable smell or...

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What are the Top Causes of Indoor Air Pollution

Posted on Feb 22, 2018

It is widely known that air quality inside the home can actually be worse than the air quality outside. Indoor air pollution can be caused by many factors in and outside the home and may not have any telltale odor ,but can have serious effect on the quality of life inside the home. What is indoor air pollution? Pollution refers to impurities...

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Difference Between Outdoor & Indoor Air Pollution

Posted on Feb 07, 2018

Poor indoor air quality (at home and at work) accounts for some of the most common of health issues. The average person actually spends close to 90% of the time indoors, so clearly, indoor air quality is important. On the flip side, indoor air pollution can perpetuate undesirable health risks. When you hire a professional inspection company, they...

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