4 Factors Affecting the Air Quality Of Your Toronto Home

air quality testing torontoClean air inside homes, offices and other indoor environments is a vital aspect of comfort and the general well-being of people spending time in those environments. Even though we hear a lot about the importance of air quality to human health, it is often neglected, even in commercial settings. Many Toronto home and business owners don’t seem to be aware that poor indoor air quality has adverse effects on health and are often oblivious to the air quality levels at their property. This is not because they are careless – it is often difficult to notice the problem early. Many air pollutants are invisible and odourless, so the best way to detect their exact concentration at the premises is to hire a professional air quality testing company in Toronto

As we spend so much time indoors now, indoor air quality has become one of the leading health concerns in commercial and residential buildings. Worried about your air quality? Asbestos air testing services are available by Inch by Inch! 

To learn how to prevent poor air quality, we need to know what causes it. Four main factors affect the air quality in indoor environments:


Increased humidity is a common problem in every home, especially in rooms where it tends to accumulate, like bathrooms, attics and basements. Aside from negatively affecting lung health, relative humidity levels over 50% are also the primary cause of mold and bacterial growth. The easiest way to deal with problematic areas is to install a dehumidifier to collect the excess moisture.

Dust & VOCs

Dust, dander, pollen and other airborne particles tend to accumulate in indoor environments, especially if there are pets involved. Regularly maintaining hygiene in the home is one of the easiest ways to improve air quality, but it is vital to use the right products. Many commercial cleaning products contain harsh chemicals and emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that pollute the air. 


Having good ventilation and steady input of clean, fresh air is crucial for maintaining good air quality in closed environments. Ensuring proper air circulation decreases air humidity and airborne pollutant levels, preventing mold infestation and exposure to toxins. Natural ventilation can do the trick in most rooms, but if you are having problems in certain areas, the best solution is to invest in a ventilation system that will create air circulation artificially.

Age of the Building

Aside from the problems that come with their age, older Toronto buildings were also constructed when asbestos was widely used. If the asbestos-containing materials are damaged, they release the dangerous microfibrils, creating a risk of exposure. Considering the minute size of the fibrils, it is difficult to detect and identify them without asbestos air testing.

The importance of good indoor air quality is often overlooked until a big problem emerges. Nipping the problem in the bud is the safest and cheapest way to deal with it, so make sure to get professional air quality testing for your Toronto home. Reach out to the certified experts of Inch by Inch Inspections and schedule your asbestos air testing today.

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