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How To Eliminate Unwanted Odours from Your Home

Posted on Jun 27, 2022

Living comfortably can be difficult to do when you have unwanted odours or smells infiltrating your home. If you’re tired of relentless smells, an odour eliminator for homes can make all the difference with many options available including thermal fogging, ozone shock treatments, and hydroxyl generators. Unpleasant smells like garbage,...

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What is the Best Essential Oil for Pet Odor Removal?

Posted on Apr 08, 2022

If you have pets, you likely have a smell associated with them. Whether it is the smell of a dog or some other animal, your pet can leave an odor in the air. Not all smells are bad, but sometimes, pet smells can be pungent. If you are interested in pet odor removal, you will need some help. Essential oils, a natural odor eliminator for homes, are...

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10 Quick Tips to Eliminate Pet Odors

Posted on Mar 11, 2022

Do you have a pet and are constantly struggling with pet odor removal? If so, you're not alone. Pets are wonderful, but they can also be a little smelly. Luckily, you can do a few things to eliminate pet odours and keep your home smelling fresh. As a result,  you won't need to frequently contact an odor eliminator for homes. Vacuum...

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7 Odor Removal Tips to Help you get Rid of the Pet Stink

Posted on Feb 07, 2022

If you live in a house or apartment with pets and you've noticed a lingering odour, chances are it's not the pets--it's pet stink! Pet odour removal in homes can be very difficult because pets produce odor naturally through their skin and their waste. Luckily, Inch By Inch has an advanced odour eliminator for homes to tackle the...

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Expert Odour Removal Services Post Sewage Back-Up

Posted on Jan 24, 2022

Suppose you conducted sewage back up in your business or home. In that case, you need to schedule odour removal services as soon as possible. This is because you need to get rid of the foul smell. While you can do it yourself, it is best when left to experts, as they are professionally trained and have the necessary equipment to ensure that you get...

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Odor Removal Services For Homes In Toronto

Posted on Dec 01, 2021

Numerous homeowners in Toronto are dealing with unpleasant smells in their homes or business. With so many sources of foul odors in our home environment (humidity, stale air, mold, pet urine, various cleaning chemicals and adhesives, cooking smells, etc.), it can be very challenging to correctly identify the root of the problem. Having...

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How To Remove Smelly Odors From Your Home

Posted on Jul 28, 2021

Every house has its unique smell – when we feel it, we know we’re home. However, sometimes we can sense something less pleasant than the usual mix of woodwork, cooking and that little special something. There could be many possible sources of unpleasant smells at home, and it’s very important to identify them. Some odors can be a...

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Why You Need a Designated Substances Survey Report

Posted on Feb 06, 2020

Whether you are planning to completely renovate your home or just do some smaller maintenance work, renovation is the perfect time to assess your home and land for potentially hazardous substances. This kind of assessment is considered necessary especially when old houses are in question, because they were often constructed with potentially harmful...

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When to Seek Professional Odour Removal

Posted on Feb 04, 2020

Homes are prone to keeping certain smells; because of this, almost all homes have their own distinct smell. It can get very unpleasant if the place in which we sleep, eat and feel most comfortable in starts harbouring bad smells. They are not only unpleasant, but can also indicate the presence of a far greater problem. But where do these bad odours...

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Why You Need a Pre-Purchase Home Inspection

Posted on Dec 12, 2019

Purchasing a new home brings a lot of pleasure and excitement, but also requires tedious searching, a lot of discussions with a real estate agent and significant investments. Even when a seemingly perfect home is found, the story doesn’t end there. There are a number of problems that might be hidden or barely noticeable at first glance...

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Beautify & Purify Your Home With Common Indoor House Plants

Posted on Jul 31, 2018

Maintaining air quality is one of the biggest challenges for homeowners and using a plant that improves air quality is a natural way to remove various toxins and pollutants from the home’s inside air. Studies have shown that in many cases the inside air quality in residential homes is much worse than the outside air. There are appliances that...

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Smoke Odor Removal

Posted on Dec 18, 2017

Bad smell? It might not be in the air What residents do inside the home can greatly affect the quality of life. Issues such as air quality are a determining factor for healthy living and can cause a wide array of health and lifestyle problems. Odors and off putting smells are usually an indication that something is wrong with air quality but it...

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