Tips for Combatting the Stench of Mold Infestations

Dealing with mold infestations in your home is often a frustrating and overwhelming experience. Not only can mold cause damage to your property, but it also has the potential to cause serious health problems for you and your family. One of the most common issues stemming from mold growth is the unpleasant odour permeating your space. If you’re struggling to combat the stench of mold in your home, contact Inch By Inch Inspections for odour removal in Oakville and the Greater Toronto Area. If you suspect that mold is lurking, we’ll also conduct mold inspections in Oakville homes. Once we’re finished, your home will be free of mold and its unfortunate odour.

To combat the stench of mold in your home, here are some tips.

All About Mycotoxins

 mold odour removal OakvilleIt goes without saying that mold infestations have a distinct, pungent odour. But what exactly causes that odour? When mold spores spread and reproduce, they produce gasses; these are called microbial volatile organic compounds (MVOCs). While some of these gasses are odourless, mycotoxins are not. When you enter a room and notice the distinct, pungent smell, you may need a mold inspection. Don’t let the scent of mold spread throughout your property; contact Inch By Inch for a mold inspection in Oakville. 

Why Mold is Infesting Your Property

For mold to settle and grow, it requires warm, damp, and humid conditions. There are numerous reasons why your home may become more humid — a hot shower, a poorly ventilated kitchen, a leaking pipe, or unrestored water damage. Poor ventilation is also a key reason why mold may infiltrate your property. When air isn’t flowing or moving around your home, the air will be stuffy and humid. 

Smell Mold? What To Do

If you smell mold when you enter your home or even a specific room, reach out to Inch By Inch Inspections. We’ll conduct a mold inspection and odour removal in Oakville. Not only will all traces of mold in your property be identified and removed, but so will that pesky and irritating smell. Following mold remediation services, you can take some measures to minimize the chance of future outbreaks. Invest in a humidifier to manage humidity levels, even during the hot summer. Further, maintain airflow moving in your home through open windows or fans. Keeping ventilation high will bring fresh air in and push mold spores out. 

The Importance of Keeping Mold Out

It’s important to keep mold out of your home. Not only does it create poor indoor air quality and an unwelcoming odour, but it comes with serious side effects. When left unchecked, mold may result in decreased property value and structural damage, such as wood rot or insulation degradation. It may also lead to severe health implications, such as congestion, sneezing, shortness of breath, and coughing. Those with increased sensitivity to mold may face additional symptoms, such as skin irritation, fatigue, migraines, and eye irritation. 

Keep mold out for good with mold remediation and odour removal services from Inch By Inch.

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