10 Quick Tips to Eliminate Pet Odors

pet odour removalDo you have a pet and are constantly struggling with pet odor removal? If so, you're not alone. Pets are wonderful, but they can also be a little smelly. Luckily, you can do a few things to eliminate pet odours and keep your home smelling fresh. As a result,  you won't need to frequently contact an odor eliminator for homes.

Vacuum Up All Pet Hair

Most pets shed fur and hair and managing it is quite challenging. While vacuum is viewed as crucial for your floor, did you know that it can help deal with pets' dander and hair? The accumulation of such fur and hair can result in a bad odor at your home. Vacuum up all the areas where your pet often goes, including your couch cushions and behind furniture. This way, it will take more time before contacting a certified pet odor removal company like Inch By Inch Inspections Inc.

Frequent Washing

Nothing can keep pet odor away than frequent washing as it replaces it with the smell of the detergent used. Regularly wash all the things your pet frequently uses, including cushion covers, pet's bed covers, blankets, linens, and sheets, especially if your pet accompanies you to bed. 

Clean Supplies

When we think of cleaning our pets, we often forget to clean their supplies. Items like pet collars, bowls, leashes, and toys can maintain the pet’s odor and even support bacterial growth. Cleaning these items frequently will reduce the need to contact an expert odor eliminator for homes. 

Regular Bathing 

Your pet may not like bathing. However, if you care about its hygiene and yours too, bathe it frequently. Doing so will minimize the odds of having to pet odor at home. If you’re a forgetful person, we recommend setting a reminder. It will form part of your habit with time. 


Vinegar is an outstanding natural cleaning solution for critical pet odours. Dilute it in water and spray it on the floor or carpet. Wait for a couple of minutes before vacuuming it up. Alternatively, you can mix it with baking soda and spray it on beddings or cushions to attain a robust odor removal punch. 

Baking Soda

Baking soda is another outstanding, natural cleaner you can use to get rid of pet odors at your home. It is a good odor neutralizer that can save you from costs associated with hiring an expert in pet odor removal. So, baking soda does wonders in the kitchen and keeps your home free from pet odor. 

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Citrus and Hydrogen Peroxide

Citrus and hydrogen peroxide are two fundamental bases for most pet cleaners. While hydrogen peroxide serves as an excellent neutralizer, citrus is an enzymatic cleaner. 

Nature’s Miracle

When faced with pet urine odors, use enzymatic neutralizers like Nature's Miracle to treat specific spots and eliminate unpleasant odor. Whether your pet is house trained or not, having such a cleaner in your home is crucial. After all, the pet is an animal – it can make mistakes. 

HEPA Filter

If you have any form of allergy, the HEPA filter can help you tackle any pet odor and dander issues head-on. It is a mechanical air purifier that filers air via a fine mesh, trapping dangerous particles like dander. Using it frequently to clean your space reduces the need for an odor eliminator for homes.

Clean Every Part of Your Home

Have you ever tried cleaning your home and forgot some areas? Well, this is common. You're likely to forget some areas like stairways and closets. However, some of these areas are where your pet likes spending a lot of time. Always clean all these areas to ensure that none is left dirty, attracting pet odor. After all, it will save you from frequently hiring a professional pet odor removal expert.


Pets are wonderful and charming but can make your home uncomfortable with their odours. If you're struggling to eliminate pet odours, Inch By Inch is here to help you. Don't let your pet's foul smell make you hate them. Contact Inch By Inch for odor eliminator services today.

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