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odour removal servicesRemoving pet odours is a problem that every pet owner faces at some point. Of course, it creates an irritable and uncomfortable environment that makes it hard to live in. However, instead of keeping your four-legged fellow outside the house all the time, you can opt for several methods to get rid of that smell. Look for odour removal services in Toronto to live a happy and healthy life with your little companion. Need more effective strategies to keep your home free of pet odours, read on. 

Steam Clean To A Cleaner Home

If you are looking for pet odour removal services in Toronto, steam cleaning is the best option for you. The primary benefits of steam cleaning are:

Steam cleaners contain enzymatic cleaners that help to break down proteins causing unpleasant odours. Because of the natural enzymes, you get promising results while keeping your house secure and chemical-free. 

Before steam cleaning, experts recommend cleaning any urine that hasn’t dried. For this purpose, you can use paper towels and newspapers. Of course, if you have been experiencing smells for a long time, you can avoid this step. 

After drying the surface, you need to thoroughly vacuum the entire space. Do it in one direction, and then repeat in a direction perpendicular to your first stroke. This way, your carpet fibres stand straight in an upward direction, which will allow the steamer to get into deeper layers. Now clean the entire surface with the steamer. Later, experts recommend leaving the surface untouched so that it has the chance to completely dry. 

Don't Mask it, Eliminate It

Pet odours from urine or feces not only make you uncomfortable, but they also lead to several health conditions. It can irritate your lungs and can cause burning in the respiratory tract, throat, and nose. Professionals like Inch by Inch help save you and your family from developing health conditions by using simple cleaning techniques. 

Our pet odour removal service includes using modern equipment and methods that completely eliminate pet odour from your space. The best part is that your room also gets thoroughly sanitized and decontaminated during odour treatment. To avoid living with poor indoor air quality seek help from the team of trained experts at Inch By Inch Inspections 

Here are some steps that our experts follow to make your house odour-free. 

Ozone Shock Treatments

This is an odour removal method that aims to improve the air quality of your house. Our experts install an ozone generator in your space to eliminate harmful and unpleasant odours to maximize fresh and clean air. 

Hydroxyl Generators

Hydroxyl generators are another effective way to keep indoor air fresh and healthy. It is important to remove the pollutants present in indoor air. This method uses UV lighting and wavelengths to refresh air, whereas the machine also emits additional hydroxyls in the air to maximize the cleaning results. 

Wet Fogging

Wet fogging works best for enclosed places that have strong and disturbing odours. Experts use a liquid solution based on the type of odours. They spray it through a cold fogger which gives complete coverage of the entire area. 

Inch by Inch Has Proven Results

Using a steam cleaner might seem easy, but it is a challenging task for someone with no background in cleaning equipment. Its best practice to seek a professional’s help. Look for odour removal companies in Toronto who say they can remove the odours and clean the entire space without using toxic chemicals. With the help of the  Inch by Inch team, you can be confident you’ll receive promising results and easy to breathe air. As a result, you can enjoy living a healthy and comfortable life with your pets without worrying about stinky odours.

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