Say Goodbye to Smoke Odours with Ozone Shock Treatments

Despite your best efforts, smoke odours can be persistent and difficult to remove. Air fresheners, constant cleaning, and disinfecting solutions don’t always provide long-term, effective solutions. However, there is a solution that can effectively eliminate smoke odours: ozone shock treatments. Ozone shock treatments for the house use ozone generators to produce high levels of ozone gas, which breaks down molecules that cause smoke odours. 

Considering the benefits of ozone shock treatments and how they can help with smoke odor removal in Toronto? Read our blog to learn more.

Why Soot is Dangerous?

smoke odour removal TorontoSoot spreads throughout the entire house during a fire and attaches to surfaces. Soot is made up of minuscule carbon particles, which contain acids, chemicals, and dust. Soot particles leave an unpleasant sight and smell throughout your property. Not only does soot create a foul sight and odour, but it also affects the property due to its acidic properties. Soot enters the body through inhalation, ingestion, or through the skin or eyes and may have many health implications. Soot exposure may lead to asthma, bronchitis, or coronary heart disease. To prevent the risks of soot exposure, contact a professional for soot and smoke odor removal in Toronto.

Dangers of Smoke Odours Indoors

When airborne particles and toxins from smoke odours are inhaled over a long period, it can cause a long list of health problems. These health implications generally target the respiratory system, causing asthma, bronchitis, and in severe cases, even cancer. To improve air quality and avoid the symptoms caused by smoke odours indoors, contact Inch By Inch Inspections. Our team will effectively remove smoke odours with ozone shock treatments for your house. 

How Ozone Generators Work

Ozone generators work by producing gas — activated oxygen — in a controlled setting. Ozone generators produce ozone by splitting apart oxygen molecules into singular atoms. The oxygen molecules from the generator then attach themselves to oxygen in the air; this forms ozone. During the ozone shock treatment process, the property must be vacated and sealed to ensure no exposure to customers and residents. Plants also need to be removed or wrapped to prevent exposure to ozone. Following the shock treatments, we will conduct final sanitation and use HEPA vacuum cleaners to guarantee total disinfection. 

Benefits of Ozone Shock Treatments

Ozone shock treatments have many benefits. Ozone shock treatments are designed to eliminate odours and indoor pollutants with activated oxygen. Activated oxygen has been proven to disinfect, deodorize, and eradicate pollutants from the air. Of course, ozone shock treatments also help purify the air from soot and smoke odours indoors. Ozone shock treatments from Inch By Inch Inspections will leave your home free of pollutants and contaminants in the air, ranging from bacteria, mildew, and dust mites to smoke. 

Smoke Odour Removal with Inch By Inch Inspections 

At Inch By Inch Inspections, we have a purification guarantee with our ozone shock treatments. We will make sure that all odours have been removed and that your home has been effectively deodorized and sanitized. 

To eliminate soot and smoke odours from inside your home, contact Inch By Inch Inspections.

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