7 Odor Removal Tips to Help you get Rid of the Pet Stink

pet odour eliminator services for homes torontoIf you live in a house or apartment with pets and you've noticed a lingering odour, chances are it's not the pets--it's pet stink! Pet odour removal in homes can be very difficult because pets produce odor naturally through their skin and their waste. Luckily, Inch By Inch has an advanced odour eliminator for homes to tackle the toughest pet odour in your home.

Why do Pets Cause a Stink?

There are a few variables as to why animals give off an odour that is unpleasant which is why owners search for pet odour removal tips. The stink can be caused by the food the pets are eating, their medications, the frequency the pets use certain areas, or the shampoos that are used on their skin. 

7 Methods to Get Pet Odour Eliminated

Keep your Home Clean

Animal hair and dirt will build up in a home making it important that the space is clean to prevent it from forming unpleasant odours. If you frequently mop, vacuum or clean up the pets cage or living area you will be able to manage the build up and avoid the pet stink.

Cleaning the Pets Bed

Dogs and cats spend a lot of time in their beds to sleep or just lay down. Things like their urine, saliva and even sweat will stick to their beds, so by frequently cleaning the bedit prevents the build-up of unwanted odours. 

Clean the Furniture

Pets like to use the furniture as well, so make sure to give the furniture a good scrub where the pets spend most of their time.

Make Sure there is Fresh Air

If your home is constantly closed up, there will be no fresh air to carry out the pet stink. Pet owners do this to prevent their pets from escaping and wondering off, but it will cause the build-up of odour to worsen over time and even stick to the carpets and curtains. Pet owners can leave doors and windows slightly open to allow fresh and cool air to come through the home to lessen the build-up. 

Clean your Filters

Another way of taking on pet stink, is by changing the filters of heat and cooling systems around the home where the hair and other molecules from the pets can buildup. 

Use Scented Products

In addition to the other methods, you can use scented products like candles and incense to help mask any odours that may build up quickly, giving you some time to see what other areas you can look at to monitor the odour. 

Hire a Professional 

After trying the various methods mentioned and there is still a stink, you can hire professional pet odour removal services. Should you require this service, Inch by Inch is here to help, so contact us to find out how we can take on the unwanted pet stinks!

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