Smoke Odor Removal

Bad smell? It might not be in the air

smoke odour removal servicesWhat residents do inside the home can greatly affect the quality of life. Issues such as air quality are a determining factor for healthy living and can cause a wide array of health and lifestyle problems. Odors and off putting smells are usually an indication that something is wrong with air quality but it may not be directly caused by the air itself. Items and fixtures inside the home or commercial space can easily absorb toxins from pollutants and off gas them over time. Cigarette smoking is one cause for bad quality air and GTA homeowners should consider professional smoke odor removal in Toronto as soon as possible. 

Hotspots for lingering smoke odor

Chemicals and toxins in local air can easily embed themselves into fibers and surfaces in objects in the surrounding area. These attachments are not permanent but simply opening a window or turning on a fan will not remove these pollutants from the air. High traffic areas in the home such as living rooms and bedrooms can be the worst for odors and air imbalances. Airborne pollutants can be found in:

  • Fabric couches and chairs
  • Carpeting, rugs and vinyl flooring 
  • Wood furniture and granite surfaces
  • Bedding, linens and pillows
  • Kitchen countertops and walls

Cigarette smoke in these areas is one of the toughest lingering odors with the most caustic effects and hiring a professional for smoke odor removal in Toronto is the only practical way to eliminate the smell and restore air quality. 

What's behind bad quality air in the home

Air quality inside the home can affect the quality of life for residents and many factors could create an unhealthy and unsafe situation:

  • Malfunctioning and inefficient heating and cooling equipment
  • Cracks and holes that allow outside air to enter
  • Excess humidity which can lead to mold
  • Lifestyle choices such as cigarette smoking indoors

Odors from smoking can last long term and can also have adverse health effects on smokers as well as non-smokers. Local property owners  should consider smoke odor removal in Toronto to rectify the potentially hazardous problem.

Health concerns for non-smokers

For years it has been known that second hand smoke has almost the same effect of smoking cigarettes themselves but recent studies have discovered another part in the sequence, third hand smoke. Byproducts, toxins and chemicals from smoking can easily settle on objects in the home such as furniture and carpeting. Off gases and airborne particulates from past smoking can be inhaled and over time can cause a host of health problems including asthma and respiratory issues. Professional smoke odor removal in Toronto is the property owner's best course of action to improve air quality. 

Inch by Inch is a trusted provider for smoke odor removal in Toronto

Inch By Inch has extensive experience in detecting and correcting commercial and residential air quality issues. Using the latest tools and equipment, Inch By Inch can detect sources of bad air and repair and or remove things like mold and smoke odor improving the quality of life inside the property. Customers can expect 100% satisfaction from the professionals at InchByInch. 

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