How To Remove Smelly Odors From Your Home

odour removal servicesEvery house has its unique smell – when we feel it, we know we’re home. However, sometimes we can sense something less pleasant than the usual mix of woodwork, cooking and that little special something. There could be many possible sources of unpleasant smells at home, and it’s very important to identify them. Some odors can be a transient nuisance, while others are more stubborn and can even indicate a possible danger, like mold growth, chemicals or decomposition. Find out more about the causes of bad smells and ways Inch by Inch successfully removes pet and cigarettes odor.

Get Rid of Smoke Odor

Tobacco and cannabis smoke can be quite persistent and “stick” to walls, draperies, carpets and furniture. Years of smoking can leave a permanent smell in certain materials, so it’s sometimes impossible to completely eliminate it. The particles stubbornly latch onto textiles, and if there was a lot of smoking going on, the smelly curtains, carpets, furnishing covers and fills are best replaced with new ones. 

Weak cigarette smoke odor can be removed successfully with vinegar or baking soda, but a stronger, more persistent odor often requires professional removal.

Get Rid of Pet Odor

We all love our little four-legged pals, but sometimes they can make things a bit smelly. Having a kitten or a puppy still learning where to pee or poop, forgetting to change the kitty litter a day too long, dealing with your pet’s territorial behaviour or having breed with a strong-smelling skin can be a bit overwhelming to the olfactory sense. Being highly concentrated, cat urine is especially problematic, as all homeowners with feline tenants can testify. Cleanliness is a must when pets are involved, but sometimes even the best efforts do not provide desired effects.

If you worry that your pet left a permanent smell on your furnishings, carpets or parquetry, the specialists offer a solution. Instead of continually spraying baking soda, vinegar, or other odor-removing tool hoping that it will completely remove the smell, reach out to the experienced staff of Inch by Inch and get a professional pet odor removal service.

Get Rid of Chemical Odor

There are many harsh chemicals involved in the production of specific building materials, furnishings, and house cleaning products, leaving our homes very susceptible to chemical contamination. The smell of a new home mainly comprises of evaporating adhesives and chemicals in building materials, which do not positively affect health and are best neutralized as soon as possible. Getting rid of chemical odors successfully is not easy and requires special equipment. Calling a professional home remediation service ensures permanent and most efficient odor removal.

If you’re having problems with cigarette smoke, molds, chemicals, pet odor, or any other type of unpleasant smell in your home, call Inch by Inch Inspections and get quality odor removal service. Our trusted, skilled staff is well-versed in all kinds of odor removal, always ready to provide their service and return the pleasant scent in your home.

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