When to Seek Professional Odour Removal

Homes are prone to keeping certain smells; because of this, almost all homes have their own distinct smell. It can get very unpleasant if the place in which we sleep, eat and feel most comfortable in starts harbouring bad smells. They are not only unpleasant, but can also indicate the presence of a far greater problem. But where do these bad odours come from? There are different places in home from which bad smells can originate. Knowing the source helps to reveal whether the smell is harmless or if there is a potential danger that requires seeking professional help. Without further ado, let’s look at some of the most common sources of bad odours in residential buildings. 

Garbage & sewage

Trash cans can smell worse than the garbage itself if they aren’t thoroughly washed from time to time. No matter how much attention is paid during waste disposal, there is always going to be some drops and speckles that will accumulate inside the can and on the lid. To avoid smelly trash cans, it is advised to wash them regularly and use some deodorising agent (e.g. baking soda).

Sewage smell is usually harmless and disappears after some time. It is often caused by changes in the atmospheric pressure, which causes gases from the sewer to rise and come through the bathroom and kitchen drains. This smell can be also caused by a dried P-trap; the best way to avoid this problem is to pour some clean water in all drains once per month.

Cigarette smoke

Cigarette smoke is notorious not only for its bad effect on health, but also because it tends to accumulate in walls, carpets, furniture and curtains. Chronic smoking indoors forms a nasty, brownish-yellow sticky layer, which can leave a permanent cigarette smell in the entire home, even if the place is regularly aerated. Considering how toxic cigarette smoke is, it is best to avoid smoking indoors and call a professional odour removal service that will thoroughly remove deposits of tar and other harmful substances from the home.

Fishy smell

Strange fishy smells can be caused by burning electrical components. When exposed to high temperatures, things like wires, electrical insulation and similar plastic components can release a smell that reminds of fish or urine. This smell is a red flag, considering that failing and burning electrical components are one of the most common causes of fires in residential buildings. As odour from burnt materials can linger and be difficult to remove, often requiring professional odour removal service.

Musty Smells

Musty smells usually appear in humid rooms, like basements, bathrooms, kitchens and sheds. These smells can appear due to bad weather and high humidity, and if this is the case, they usually linger for a few hours or couple of days, at most. However, if the musty smell remains more than a few days even with proper ventilation, this indicates that mold is most likely present. Mold grows and spreads very quickly, and considering how detrimental they can be to human health, it is advised to call a professional odour and mold removal service if there is any doubt of mold presence.

Cannabis Odour

With the legalization of cannabis in Canada, it is more and more common to find homes that have had cannabis plants grown or even smoked inside of them. As cannabis plants grow and bloom, they begin to release their strong, signature odour, which can linger long after the plants have been removed. If the home you’ve purchased was owned by a consistent indoor cannabis smoker, the smell can be even stronger, and almost impossible to get rid of without professional cannabis odour removal.

If your home suffers from unpleasant and potentially dangerous smells, the best and the safest way to approach this problem is to call a professional odour removing service. Inch By Inch Inspections is a trusted odour and mold removal company that offers its services in Toronto and the GTA. With years of experience and highly professional staff, Inch By Inch Inspections uses the latest methods and technologies to ensure that the removal process is performed in the safest and most efficient way. Reach out and schedule your inspection today.

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