Are There Home Air Quality Concerns With Living in Vaughan

vaughan home air quality testingAccording to a study released by the University of Toronto's Southern Ontario Center for Atmospheric Aerosol Research, one in three Canadians lives near a major road and is regularly exposed to exhaust gases. In the study, air pollution was measured in a few locations in Toronto and Vancouver over the course of two years. The results have shown that traffic is a significant source of different air pollutants - nitrogen dioxide, hydrocarbons, ultrafine particles, carbon dioxide and monoxide. It is long known that exposure to these pollutants can cause various health problems like asthma, cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, developmental problems and cancer.

If you live in the vicinity of a highway or a busy street, chances are some of the pollutants mentioned above are lingering in your home. Getting air quality testing for your Vaughan home will help you find out whether your health is at risk. A home air quality test can detect various air pollutants and measure their exact concentration. Considering some of them are invisible and odourless, air testing is the only way to reveal their presence. 

What Can Traffic Pollution Cause?

Regularly inhaling exhaust gases is known to cause a variety of health problems with long-term exposure. Studies show that adults living within 0.3 miles of a busy road are more likely to suffer from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, lung cancer, heart attack, stroke, and dementia than people living in less polluted environments. Children exposed to exhaust gases often experience developmental problems, asthma, reduced lung capacity and chronic lung inflammation. Having such conditions since early age results in increased cardiovascular morbidity and shortened life expectancy.

Who is Most Vulnerable?

Children, pregnant women and people with compromised health are the most vulnerable to the adverse effects of traffic-related pollution. A report from USC Environmental Health Centers shows that pregnant women exposed to traffic pollution are more likely to suffer from high blood pressure and gestational diabetes. The pollution also affects the baby, causing reduced cognitive abilities, aggressive behaviour and mental problems. People diagnosed with diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, and lung problems are highly susceptible to the harmful effects of poor air quality. Exposure to a high concentration of traffic pollution was shown to exacerbate these conditions.

Follow These Tips to Keep Safe When Air Quality Is Low

  • Get air purifiers or HVAC systems with HEPA filters
  • Keep the windows closed when the air quality outside is poor
  • Regularly clean the floor using wet rags or vacuum with a HEPA filter
  • Reduce the surface area covered by carpets – bare floors collect less dust and particles
  • Avoid using the fireplace and smoking inside
  • Take off your shoes and change your clothes when you come home

Hiring a trusted professional in Vaughan and getting a home air quality test is the best way to know whether any dangerous pollutants are lingering around. Inch by Inch Inspections' friendly staff is always ready to provide quality service in Vaughan, so call us today to schedule your air testing.

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