Reopening Safely with Air Quality Testing In Toronto

air quality testing torontoAfter months of remote working regime, many businesses are now ready to reopen and finally continue working as usual. While some business owners are reluctant to reopen, fearing that the current signs of progress are ephemeral, others are eager to go back to the office and team up with their employees. Either way, having a proper reopening plan is crucial to keep everyone healthy and limit the spread of COVID-19 in Toronto. As we’re dealing with a respiratory virus, air quality testing your Toronto office is the main step to ensure no pollutants and hidden dangers are present. If your business is situated in an older building, asbestos air testing is another thing you should consider.

What Air Quality Testing Includes 

According to the EPA, there are three basic types of indoor air pollutants – biological, chemical and combustion pollutants. Biological pollutants include various particles of natural origin: mold, pollen, dander, mites, bacteria, etc. Lead, radon and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are considered chemical pollutants, while combustion pollutants encompass a broad category of toxic gasses (carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides, etc.). 

Knowing the most common air pollutants and testing for them is an excellent way to estimate your Toronto office's overall indoor air quality. Although many DIY tests are on the market, very few can guarantee correct results and give a wholesome estimation. Hiring a professional remediation company ensures a detailed examination and reliable results. 

Asbestos air testing should always be done by a professional, considering the many hazards of this material. Certified Inch by Inch Inspections inspectors are trained to conduct the testing safely and correctly identify all potential asbestos-containing materials at the premises. Protected with respiratory masks, gloves, safety glasses and disposable overalls, the inspectors will scan the area and gently collect samples from the most suspicious spots. The samples are sent to a certified lab, and once the analysis is over, the inspectors will provide you with a detailed report along with adequate remediation advice.

What You Should Be Monitoring

Although we've been fighting COVID for almost two years, we have still a lot to learn about it. However, we know that exposure to poor air quality causes various health issues, so reducing indoor air pollution can undoubtedly help limit the spread and negative effects of the virus. The three primary air pollutants you should monitor continuously are:

  • Humidity – Humidity levels between 30-50% are optimal for human lung health. Levels above 60% can increase the spread of the virus and accelerate mold growth.
  • CO2 – Buildup of CO2 is common in poorly ventilated indoor environments, so make sure there is enough fresh air at all times.
  • VOCs – They can come from various sources – cleaning agents, adhesives, air fresheners, building materials. VOCs cause different health problems, so minimizing their concentration is essential for good indoor air quality.

Make sure your business is ready for reopening with the help of Inch by Inch Inspections. If you are looking for quality service and reliable, experienced staff, reach out to Inch by Inch today.

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