How Air Quality Testing Facilitates Mold Inspections & Removal

Air quality testing in Toronto is a critical step in mold inspections that allow professionals to effectively detect inspections or heightened mold levels. When suspicions of a mold infestation within your residential or commercial property arise, mold inspections in Toronto are conducted to confirm the presence of mold and identify its location. This information supports successful mold remediation efforts by equipping remediation teams with the insight and direction they need to address all instances of mold. At Inch By Inch Inspections, we offer complete mold detection and removal services from inspections and air quality testing to remediation. 

To learn more about the benefits of air quality testing in Toronto, read on. 

Why Test the Air for Mold? 

mold inspection TorontoMold is a naturally-occurring invader. It is a fungus spread via spores that exist naturally within the air outside, cycling in and out of our indoor spaces, typically without causing any harm. When mold spores come into contact with humidity or wet cellulose materials, they usually latch on and begin colonizing. If you smell mold's infamous musty odour but cannot visibly find an infestation, air quality testing in Toronto can assess the mold levels in the air. Typically, during mold inspections, technicians will take a reading of mold levels outdoors where there is no confinement to get an idea of the standard concentration of spores in your area. Then, they will follow their assessment with a reading of the indoor environment and compare those results. In general, an indoor evaluation showing significantly higher mold levels inside than the natural environment signals that mold removal may be required. 

When Air Quality Tests are Useful for Mold Inspections in Toronto

Mold inspections in Toronto are straightforward when infestations appear on prominent surfaces that are visible every day. But unfortunately, mold outbreaks occur in areas that are out of sight, such as basements, crawl spaces, and attics. 

The leading cause of indoor mold is water damage and moisture, which is easy to notice when it's in a room you occupy or visit frequently. But leaks in the attic or flooding in the basement can sometimes go undetected for months. However, it only takes about 24-48 hours after water damage for mold to start growing and spreading. When property owners are unaware of water damage, detecting mold independently without mold inspections in Toronto can be challenging. Signs of water damage include peeling or bubbling paint, warped flooring, yellowing drywall, and hairline cracks in the wall. 

How to Keep Track of Non-Visible Mold

The best way to detect a mold infestation you can't see before calling the professionals is by monitoring humidity levels. A hygrometer is a valuable and easy-to-read tool that measures humidity levels indoors, i.e. the moisture in the air. The standard humidity levels range from 50% to 60%. If your hygrometer presents a higher reading, you may be at risk of mold. 

Mold Detection & Removal with Inch By Inch Inspections

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