A Professional Approach to Asbestos Testing in Oakville

asbestos testing oakvilleOnce a widely used building material, asbestos is today listed as a highly hazardous substance. A few decades ago, we learnt that exposure to asbestos causes various severe health conditions and diseases like asbestosis, lung cancer, and mesothelioma. However, the use and import of asbestos and asbestos-containing products were officially prohibited in Canada only in 2018, and there are still numerous exceptions to this ban. When we also consider that most commercial and residential buildings were built before the ban, we can see that the risk of asbestos exposure still poses a threat to public health.

Microscopic asbestos fibrils are invisible to the naked eye, and the symptoms of exposure usually start to manifest after a couple of decades, making early detection difficult. This is why asbestos testing is strongly advised to all Oakville homeowners. Getting professional air quality testing for your Oakville home can reveal any hidden pollutants that might threaten your health.

When You Should Be Concerned About Asbestos

Asbestos can be found in various materials around the home – floor and ceiling tiles, pipe insulation, textured paint, roofing, popcorn ceiling, cement, attic insulation, drywall, etc. However, not all asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) pose a direct threat to health. The microfibrils are only dangerous once they are airborne, so damaged ACMs are the ones causing the contamination. 

Living in an old building with poorly maintained materials and insulation makes the exposure more likely. Many buildings constructed before 1990 contain more asbestos than newer ones, as there were no strict regulations about its use. To detect the potential signs of contamination at your home, visually inspect the potential ACMs carefully, without touching or disturbing them in any way. If any show signs of damage, it is best to seek an expert’s opinion and get professional air quality testing in Oakville.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Asbestos Testing Company in Oakville

Hazardous material like asbestos requires a particular way of handling. Its microfibrils can become airborne and spread with even the slightest disturbance, so the threats of exposure and contamination spread are quite high. Doing DIY asbestos testing or removal is risky, especially when done by an untrained individual, so it is best to hire a professional asbestos testing company in Oakville. Certified technicians follow strict safety guidelines and are equipped with tools and knowledge to correctly identify and efficiently remove ACMs.

Dedicated asbestos abatement technicians regularly improve their knowledge and removal techniques by training and updating their toolbox with new technologies. Such professionals can guarantee safety, quality service, as well as thorough asbestos testing and removal. Aside from the fact that the process will be performed with minimal risk of exposure, you will get the most accurate testing results and a detailed report that helps to plan the removal optimally.

Systematic Approach to Asbestos Testing in Oakville

To collect the samples that will correctly estimate the amount of asbestos in an area, technicians first need to run a visual inspection. Once they find optimal spots for sampling, they will carefully collect bits of dust, disturbing the area as little as possible. The inspectors will take several samples, mark them, and send them to a certified laboratory for analysis. The test results will show the exact concentration and type of asbestos present, and based on the results, the inspector will provide a detailed report along with adequate abatement recommendations. Getting a DIY test will save you some money, but the quality of the result will be highly disputable. Aside from being less precise than professional tests, DIY testing also largely depends on the person performing the testing, giving a lot of space for mistakes in sampling. Although professional testing is more expensive, it will provide accurate results and solutions, essential for the proper removal of ACMs.  

Hire trusted asbestos professionals and reach out to the certified staff of Inch by Inch Inspections. With years of experience and a strict work ethic, our inspectors are ready to take on both small-scale and large-scale operations and provide quality service. Inch by Inch’s staff takes your health and the environment very seriously, strictly following safety and disposal guidelines declared by the law. Call Inch by Inch today to schedule asbestos testing for your Oakville home.


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