Air Pollution Kills More People Than COVID

home air quality testing in burlingtonAccording to the World Health Organization estimates, 7 million people die every year as a result of air pollution. On average, 9 out of 10 people on Earth breathe contaminated air every day. These statistics are very worrying, especially considering the current COVID pandemic - spending a lot of time indoors doesn't really contribute to good lung health if the indoor air quality is poor.

Chemicals from building materials, furnishings and cleaning products, molds, asbestos-containing materials and even everyday activities like cooking and showering contribute to poor air quality. While some pollutants are easy to notice, some have no smells and are invisible to the naked eye. Because of this, getting air quality testing for your Burlington home is the best way to know if there's a problem. A home air quality test can uncover all air pollutants' presence and help you pinpoint the most critical areas.

Why Home Air Quality Matters During the COVID Lockdown

Poor air quality is known to cause increased illness and mortality rates, and the same goes with COVID. Breathing clean air is essential for good lung health and a robust immune system, and both are very important in dealing with this vicious virus. However, maintaining physical distance gets really hard when everyone is at home, and disinfectants cannot remove all pollutants. For this reason, we need to actively work to keep air quality on a favourable level. 

What Are the Ways to Maintain Good Air Quality

  1. Regular cleaning – Without a doubt, the primary way to maintain good air quality is to keep the home clean and tidy. However, we need to pay attention to the materials we use for cleaning. It is important to use non-toxic cleaning chemicals and clean rags, and change or wash vacuum filters promptly.
  2. HVAC maintenance – Vents and ducts can collect a significant amount of dust, mold spores, pollen particles and other pollutants over time. If you want to keep those away from the indoor air, it is necessary to clean the vents from time to time and change the air filters promptly. 
  3. Ensuring good air circulation – Open your windows wide and let the breeze take out the stale, humid air. This is the easiest way to keep good air circulation in the home and prevent mold growth.
  4. Investing in an air purifier – If you live in a busy part of town or a more polluted area, getting an air purifier is probably the best way to ensure that the PM levels at your home are within a healthy range.

Why You Should Hire a Burlington Air Quality Inspection Company

Getting a professional home air quality test is the best way to precisely determine if air pollutants are present in your home, as well as to pinpoint their source. Hiring an experienced inspector will help you identify the air quality problem in your home and solve it for good.

If you are looking for professional air quality testing in Burlington, reach out to the trusted staff of Inch by Inch Inspections.

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