Summer Allergies and Indoor Air Quality

indoor air qualityLate spring and summer are the worst parts of the year for many people who suffer from allergies due to high levels of air pollutants. In order to avoid them, many people with allergies prefer to stay at home during the warm months. However, this might not be the best solution if the air quality of their home isn’t great. Weather conditions during spring and summer are not only favourable for flora and fauna, but they can also perpetuate indoor mold growth and problems with high air humidity in the home. For this reason, air quality testing is highly advised, especially for people who suffer from allergies.

How Does Indoor Air Quality Affect Allergies?

Allergies have become quite a common health problem in Toronto. Some of them cause temporary unpleasantness, while others can severely decrease the quality of life and last for months. The most common symptoms of allergies include:

  • Runny, stuffy nose 
  • Itchiness of the throat, nose and/or skin
  • Headache
  • Watery eyes

These symptoms are shared with numerous other health issues, which is why the true culprit often flies under the radar.

During summer, the three most common air allergens – pollen, molds and smog, are often found in high concentrations in the outdoor air. If you use natural ventilation to cool your home and get some fresh air, some of those pollutants will end up inside. On the other hand, there are spots in the home that are susceptible to mold growth and dust accumulation, which can further deplete the air quality.

How to Improve Indoor Air Quality?

The three most important components of indoor air quality are:

  • Hygiene – Maintaining good hygiene is crucial for air quality. This includes all aspects of good home maintenance – regular vacuuming and dust cleaning, thorough seasonal house cleaning, washing carpets, etc.
  • Humidity – Humid areas in the home are extremely susceptible to molds. Keep the humidity levels in your home low by cleaning excess water, fixing leaks promptly, and ensuring good air circulation.
  • AC/HVAC – Air conditioning makes life bearable, even pleasant during hot summer days, but if it isn’t properly maintained it can severely affect air quality. HEPA filters need to be changed in a timely manner and the system should be thoroughly cleaned after a long period of non-use, otherwise, it will release accumulated pollutants into the indoor air.

Inch By Inch Can Help Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Determining the quality of the indoor air is not possible with a visual inspection only. In order to be sure that your home is a healthy environment, it is best to perform professional air quality testing. There are some DIY home air quality testing kits available on the market, but they can only indicate if the problem is present, not where. For this reason, the best solution is to contact a professional air quality testing service. Inch by Inch’s experienced inspectors will quickly and effectively test your home, pinpoint the source of problems and provide the most effective solutions for your situation. Inch by Inch’s friendly staff offers their high-quality service all over Toronto and the GTA. Reach out to Inch by Inch today and schedule your air quality testing.

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