Household Odours That Are a Sign for Concern

Our homes are full of smells, odours, and aromas. Sometimes, it's a smell trickling in from next door or a new cologne that someone is wearing. Other times, these odours aren't as pleasant and may be cause for concern. For instance, if you notice a peculiar smell that resembles rotten eggs, you may be at risk of a gas leak. Or, if there's a damp, musty smell lingering, there may be mold festering deep within your walls. To eliminate a hazardous odour, contact Inch By Inch Inspections for odour removal in Toronto. We'll also conduct air quality testing in Toronto to ensure your home is safe, healthy, and odour-free.

Keep reading to know when household odours are cause for concern.

Damp, Musty Odour

air quality testing in TorontoIf you notice a damp, musty odour, then there's likely mold lingering on your property. Mold growth — and its distinct smell — is not uncommon but is still cause for concern. Mold contamination is often difficult to deal with; tackling the issue is more than undergoing professional mold removal. Dealing with mold requires addressing why it grew in the first place. It may be due to excessive humidity, poor ventilation, a leaking pipe, or unrestored water damage. Over time, mold exposure may cause numerous adverse health effects, such as congestion, wheezing, migraines, and fatigue.

A Smoky, Burnt Odour

In the instance that you notice a lingering smoky odour around your home, you may have an issue with soot. If soot is in your property, it may cause significant health implications, precisely respiratory problems like asthma or bronchitis. In addition, if soot is left to linger too long, its acidic properties may lead to corrosion around your property and severely impact the air quality. So, if you notice that your home has a smoky, almost burnt smell, reach out to Inch By Inch Inspections for odour removal in Toronto.


Dealing with VOCs can be tricky. Some of them have an odour, while some do not. However, regardless of smell, there is a risk of developing health problems due to VOCs. Essentially, VOCs are chemicals produced from various home products, ranging from glues, varnish, and paint to vehicle exhaust. Common health effects from exposure to VOCs include dizziness, nausea, headaches, and fatigue. If you notice an unusual odour or change in your health, contact our team for air quality testing in Toronto.

Rotten Eggs 

This is a distinct odour that needs to be taken incredibly seriously. The smell of rotten eggs belongs to carbon monoxide, which can cause severe health issues. Appliances that usually use gas, such as washing and drying machines, stoves, fireplaces and air conditioning, require regular maintenance to ensure there's no risk of a gas leak or carbon monoxide exposure. To prevent the risk of significant carbon monoxide exposure, we recommend installing carbon monoxide detectors throughout your home.

Pet Odours

It's a given that our furry friends sometimes smell less than ideal. However, just because we're used to their unpleasant stench doesn't mean it should be ignored. Sometimes, pet odours create health hazards due to lingering feces or urine. To eliminate that pesky, lingering odour, contact Inch By Inch Inspections for comprehensive odour removal services.

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