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air quality testing oakvilleStale air and unpleasant smells negatively affect our health and ability to focus and having such an environment in the office can be quite detrimental to productivity. To stay efficient and focused, your working area needs to be clean, pleasant, and have a steady supply of fresh air (and coffee). Many spend 40 hours at work every week and are exposed to poor air quality that negatively affects health. Not all air pollutants have odours or visible traces, so the best way to estimate the air quality is to get professional air quality testing in your Oakville office. If you are looking for a trusted, experienced inspector, Inch by Inch is there to help. Make your office more productive today by inquiring about our air quality and asbestos testing in Oakville.

Indoor Air Quality and Productivity

Harvard researchers have conducted a comprehensive study of how poor air quality affects productivity, concluding that it has significant detrimental effects. When they compared the group’s productivity that was exposed to the highest ventilation rates to the group exposed to typical office conditions, they found an 8% increase. Although this might seem like a slight increase, it adds up and creates a big difference over time. The first step to improving air quality in your workspace is to find out where the problem lies, get testing and accurately identify the concentration of pollutants in your Oakville office.

What Indoor Air Quality Testing Includes

Compared to DIY tests, professional air quality testing provides a comprehensive analysis that identifies levels of different air pollutants:

  • Volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
  • Carbon monoxide
  • Radon
  • Asbestos
  • Airborne lead
  • Mold
  • Bacteria
  • Pollen

Certified inspectors will thoroughly inspect the area and take samples from different spots to precisely determine pollutant levels. The samples are taken to a specialized lab for analysis, and once the results come back, the inspectors will estimate the situation and compile a report. Inspectors will help you pinpoint their sources and provide adequate corrective advice if there are problems with certain pollutants. This information is precious if you’re planning to renovate since it prevents unpleasant surprises and ensures safety for workers and employees alike.

Benefits of Improved Air Quality

Although we often don’t pay too much attention to it, air quality is one of the main factors that affect our health. Pleasant feel, razor-sharp focus, and increased productivity are actually some of the less critical positive effects of clean air in the working environment. Improved air quality brings much more - it reduces premature deaths from various cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, including heart attack, stroke, and lung cancer. The top three causes of death worldwide are diseases affected by poor air quality, so it deserves more attention than we actually give it.

Find out whether the air in your workspace is safe and healthy and reach out to Inch by Inch Inspections. Trusted inspectors of Inch by Inch offer air quality and asbestos testing services in Oakville; call us today and schedule your test.

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