The Effects of Bedroom Air Quality on Sleep

Do you wake up tired? Does it take you long to fall asleep? If you are having these, or other similar sleep problems, you might want to inspect the air quality in your bedroom. Good quality sleep is essential for good health, good mood, good looks, sharp focus and efficient working performance. If we also take into account that we spend about a third of our lives sleeping, it quickly becomes obvious how bedroom air quality plays a very important role in our health and affects our everyday activities.

How Bedroom Air Quality Affects Sleep

In 2015, researchers from the International Centre for Indoor Environment and Energy in Denmark conducted two field-intervention experiments in order to test the effects of bedroom air quality on sleep and next-day performance. In the first experiment, participants slept in a room with sealed air vents for two weeks. A window was left open by four inches during the first week; during the second week the participants were allowed to open or close the window at will. The second experiment also included participants sleeping in a room for two weeks; what was different this time is that the air vents in the room were replaced with fans. The fans provided an input of fresh air whenever CO2 levels exceeded 900 ppm (parts per million) in the bedroom air. During the second experiment, windows were kept closed during the night; participants were allowed to open them at will during the day.

An electric heater, as well as preferred bedding and sleeping clothes were provided to the participants during both experiments. Temperature, air humidity and CO2 levels in the rooms were measured, as well as participants’ quality of sleep. The quality of sleep was measured with the help of questionnaires and wristwatch-type actigraphs, while daytime performance was measured with logical reasoning tests.

Results of the experiments showed that sleep quality and the perceived freshness of bedroom air increased when the CO2 levels were lower. Participants displayed improved concentration and felt less sleepy in the morning in both experiments. However, there were some subtle differences between the two – participants fell asleep faster in the open window experiment and experienced increased mouth and skin dryness in the ventilation experiment. Results of this study indicate that bedroom air quality affects sleep and next-day performance, and that good air circulation is crucial for maintaining good air quality.

How To Ensure Good Bedroom Air Quality

Good air circulation prevents CO2 buildup, increased humidity levels, mold and other potential air pollutants. If you don’t live in a city with high levels of air pollution, you can ensure good quality sleep simply by opening a window during the night. If that isn’t the case, or if you have air quality problems in your bedroom in spite of regular aeration, it is best to ask for professional advice. A good air quality testing and inspection company can identify the source of pollution and provide the most effective solutions.

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