Air Quality Matters - What To Look For When Buying A Home In Oakville

air quality testing in oakvillePurchasing a home is a significant financial investment for anyone. Before finalizing your choice and closing on any deal, Inch by Inch Inspections highly recommends hiring a professional home service company to perform a comprehensive inspection of the home, including the structural integrity, home insulation status and indoor air quality. When you schedule air quality testing in Oakville before buying, you can ensure that your new is a safe and healthy indoor environment for your family. There are numerous indoor air pollutants that can threaten your health, so getting air quality testing for your Oakville home is the best way to find out whether it’s safe. From radon testing to asbestos testing in Oakville, Inch by Inch covers it all.  

Ask For Asbestos Testing

Asbestos was commonly included in building materials until the 1990s, so it is essential to get asbestos testing if you plan to purchase an older house or an apartment in Oakville. This material is a known carcinogen, and you don’t want it lingering around. Symptoms of exposure take ten or more years to manifest, and the microscopic size of asbestos particles makes them invisible to the naked eye. Because of this, early detection is difficult without testing and analysis.

Ensure They Test For Lead

Lead paint is the most common source of lead pollution in older Oakville homes. Pay attention to the areas around doors, windows and corners – if you see chipped paint, there might be lead particles around.  Knowing that this element can easily penetrate the skin and end up in the bloodstream, its presence in the home is very dangerous to health.

Aside from lead paints, there are other possible sources of lead pollution, including plumbing with lead or copper pipes, brass faucets and lead solders. 

Ask For A Mold Inspection

Molds are persistent microscopic fungi that thrive in humid environments. Aside from causing allergic reactions and disrupting lung health, they can also deteriorate the structural integrity of building materials. They are one of the most common indoor air pollutants, especially in bathrooms, basements and attics. Ignoring a mold problem can have pretty costly consequences, so it’s best to be a couple of steps ahead and get a mold inspection..

Get A Radon Test Done

Radon is natural, radioactive gas with no odour or colour, so its presence often flies under the radar. If there is underground sources of radon nearby, the gas moving upward can find its way into the basement through the perforations in the walls. This can happen equally in newer and older buildings, so always get radon testing before purchasing a home..

Hire Inch By Inch For Air Quality Testing In Oakville

If you want to be 100% sure that your new Oakville home is safe and pollutant-free, air quality testing is one of the critical steps. Reach out to the certified staff of Inch by Inch Inspections to get a comprehensive air quality analysis. Our trusted inspectors provide their high-quality service in Oakville and the GTA.

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