How To Get Your Property Ready for Tenants with Air Quality Testing

Finding a suitable tenant for your rental property can be challenging — so when you do, keeping them happy and healthy with a well-maintained space should be your priority. Inch by Inch Inspection recommends adding odour removal in Toronto to your to-do list to have your property free of foul odours and ready for move-in day. Air quality testing in Toronto is a fantastic service that can help you ensure health and safety in commercial and residential properties by identifying air quality pollution that may put you at risk. What types of things may air quality testing detect in your rental? Read on to learn two of the most common problems. 

Mold Inspection Services

odour removal TorontoAt Inch by Inch Inspections, one of our most commonly requested services is mold inspection and mold remediation. Mold growth affects many buildings across the GTA because our indoor spaces often create the perfect conditions: an even temperature, organic material, and moisture. 

Mold growth poses several risks for you and your tenants. For starters, it often smells — a recognizable musty odour that brings rotten leaves and decay to mind. That’s not a great selling feature for your rental property! Secondly, mold often eats into walls, studs, and flooring, creating thousands of dollars in structural damage and causing unsightly patches and stains. 

And perhaps most importantly, mold causes severe allergic reactions and health effects that can have deadly consequences. The good news is that mold is easy to detect with air quality testing in Toronto, and it can help you make responsible choices that reduce everyone’s risks. 

Asbestos Detection & Abatement

Asbestos is a natural mineral that was extensively used until around 1985 in commercial and residential  insulation and building projects before it was linked to respiratory disease like asbestosis and chronic illnesses like Mesothelioma. Many older buildings in Toronto were constructed before the ban on asbestos products. The remaining asbestos-laced tiles, insulation and flooring, may now be degrading and releasing toxic asbestos dust into your building, a serious issue that directly affects anyone who uses the space. Inch by Inch can do visual, air, and physical testing on your rental property to determine the presence of asbestos and mitigate any risks we discover. 

What We Discover During Air Quality Testing

Beyond asbestos and mold growth, many other indoor pollutants appear during air quality testing in Toronto. Some of the most common odour and odour-less things we encounter include:

  • Cigarette smoke. 
  • Animal waste. 
  • Air flow restriction. 
  • VOCs.
  • Smoke. 
  • Particulates from machines. 
  • Ozone buildup. 

Restoration and Odour Removal with the Experts

If you smell something strange, your tenant and their clients will also be able to. But even if there’s no identifiable odour, a complete air quality assessment of your rental property can help to eliminate major and minor air quality issues that affect tenancy and indoor comfort. Beyond comfort, an environmental assessment can also help identify problems that lead to mold growth or loose asbestos, allowing you to act before there’s a health and safety problem or costly repair. Trust our team of IICRC-certified specialists. 

To learn more about odour removal in Toronto or book comprehensive air quality testing, contact Inch by Inch Inspections today!

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