The Role of Air Purifiers in Mold Removal

When mold infests our property, we often try to think of different ways we can try to remove it on our own. This may include vinegar-water solutions, bleach, or for some, an air purifier. However, these approaches aren’t always effective or practical, especially an air purifier. If you spot mold in your home, don’t try and eliminate it on your own; reach out to Inch By Inch Inspections for comprehensive mold removal in Mississauga. Once finished, we’ll also complete air quality testing in Mississauga to ensure that the air inside your property is free of harmful contaminants.

Read on to learn about mold removal and the role of air purifiers.

Why is Mold Infesting Your Property?

air quality testing MississaugaThere are several reasons why mold is infesting your property. The most significant cause of mold infestations is due to water damage, whether it be a sewage backup, an appliance leak, a sump pump failure, poor window caulking during a rainstorm, or an attic leak. Infestations mfay also be caused by inadequate ventilation. If there’s no fresh air moving in and out of your property, the air will become more and more humid, creating a perfect environment for mold spores to settle and grow.

How Mold Impacts Air Quality

Mold growth creates air quality issues. Initially, mold will grow in humid and stagnant air. However, as it continues to grow and fester, the air quality in your property will only continue to decrease. Depending on the type, mold spores will release mycotoxins, which may cause many adverse health issues. Mold and mycotoxin exposure may lead to migraines, congestion, shortness of breath, skin irritation, eye irritation, and in severe cases, depression and fatigue. If you notice the air in your property has been humid, contact Inch By Inch Inspections for air quality testing in Mississauga. If our team discovers mold spores lingering in the air, or widespread mold infestations, we’ll also conduct mold removal in Mississauga.

Air Purifiers and Mold Removal

When it comes to keeping indoor air quality healthy and safe, many people turn to air purifiers. Air purifiers are meant to get rid of indoor air contaminants, like allergens or mold spores. While air purifiers are good when controlling the mold spores in the air, and they help maintain high indoor air quality, they are not to replace professional mold removal. Air purifiers don’t address the root cause of the mold infestation, and they don’t remove any surface stains. Using an air purifier will help minimize contaminants lingering in your property, but it just won’t eliminate mold.

Professional Mold Remediation Services 

If you have mold growth in your property, it’s important to contact a certified and trusted company for professional mold removal. At Inch By Inch Inspections, we’ll complete comprehensive and thorough mold removal using advanced equipment and techniques. Following mold removal, our team will advise you on how to prevent future infestations. Maintaining proper ventilation, keeping humidity levels low, and ensuring that all water damage is restored is essential. To keep the air quality in your property high, use an air purifier, just don’t expect it to eliminate mold infestations.

For effective mold removal services, contact Inch By Inch Inspections today.

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