How to Know If Your Home Has a Carbon Monoxide Leak

Most homeowners understand that carbon monoxide is a hazardous gas that can infiltrate their homes. Unfortunately, because carbon monoxide is colourless and odourless, it is difficult to detect and respond to quickly and efficiently, leaving occupants unsure of when they’re at risk. If you’re concerned about carbon monoxide, a home air quality test can give you the answers you’re looking for. For professional air quality testing, contact the Inch By Inch inspections team. 

Here are some tips to help you determine whether you need air quality testing in Toronto. 

Where Does Carbon Monoxide Come From?

home air quality testCarbon monoxide is produced when any material burns as a result of combustion. So, when you have a fire-burning appliance in and around your home, there is a greater risk of a CO leak and ending up indoors. Carbon monoxide around the home is generated from furnaces, fireplaces, cars, grills, lawn equipment, and more typical household devices. If you’ve had a mishap with one of these appliances or another fuel or wood-burning machine, contact Inch By Inch for air quality testing in Toronto to detect excess carbon monoxide as soon as possible. 

Signs Your Home Has Heightened Carbon Monoxide Levels

A home air quality test will quickly tell inspectors whether there is too much carbon monoxide on your property, but to know when to call in the pros, you should recognize the signs and symptoms of CO poisoning. 

Fire or Soot: The first sign that you may be at risk for carbon monoxide poisoning is something discreetly burning in your home. Carbon monoxide is released as a result of composition so pay attention to the smell of burning or yellow, grey, or black soot marks around your walls and furniture. 

Running Appliances: Appliances, especially clothes dryers, are a common culprit for residential CO leaks. If your dryer seems to be on the fritz, you may need a home air quality test. Pay extra attention to your dryer exhaust which should be directed outside. If it starts to bend, break, or leak, the carbon monoxide that should be expelled from your property may end up infiltrating your home. To be confident that your property is carbon monoxide-free, Inch by Inch inspections can quickly perform air quality testing in Toronto. 

Physical Symptoms: The most urgent sign of carbon monoxide poisoning is the physical symptoms. When CO is released indoors and inhaled, it replaces oxygen molecules in the bloodstream. While poisoning can occur slowly and in small doses, it has the potential to be lethal. If you notice any sudden onset of headaches, dizziness, or nausea. Get emergency help immediately, and be sure not to run propane-powered grills and barbecues indoors. 

Home Air Quality Testing in Toronto 

At Inch By Inch, our team of certified and trained professionals use the latest technology for comprehensive home air quality testing in Toronto. We will help you identify the concentration of contaminants in your home to keep you safe. 

Air quality testing is a matter of keeping you and your family safe inside your home. If you’re concerned, act now. 

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