How Can I Test The Air Quality of My Burlington Home for Asbestos

We spend most of our days indoors, including our homes, offices, and schools. It’s important to ensure that while you're indoors, the air you breathe is clean, pollutant-free, and good for your health. Pollutants can be difficult to detect and could be a cause for numerous symptoms such as fevers, coughing, and more. To help make sure that your home is safe for your health, it’s best to conduct a home air quality test by a professional. At InchbyInch Inspections, we conduct professional and in-depth air quality testing in Burlington to help make sure your buildings and people are safe. 

Health Symptoms of Indoor Air Pollution 

poor home air qualityPollutants in the air can come from a variety of different sources, including mold, pests, bacteria, equipment emission, and more. Air contaminants can also include harmful gases from tobacco smoke, perfume, cleansers, dust mites, paint, and building materials. Although some toxic substances are well known, such as asbestos, any amounts of carbon dioxide or volatile organic compounds (VOCs) can cause health issues to its building occupants. 

The health symptoms linked to poor air quality can range from mild to severe. Common symptoms include dryness of the eyes and throat, headaches, general fatigue, coughing, or sneezing. On the mild side, indoor pollutants can also cause a burning sensation in the eyes and throat or nausea. It’s easy to misattribute these symptoms to other illnesses, but poor air quality can likely be the cause for many of them. Medication for these symptoms may not work without fixing the problem at its source - poor air quality. 

Symptoms from poor air quality can also be extremely severe and lead to serious long-term conditions. Pollutants such as asbestos, VOC’s and chemical gases can lead to respiratory illnesses, such as asthma, heart disease, or cancer. Although less likely, pollutants such as these have been found in homes before, and it's always best to ensure that your buildings are safe for their inhabitants. 

An Air Quality Assessment Can Include a Report On

An air quality assessment is completed by testing the air for multiple pollutants throughout the building. Although air quality testing equipment can be self-installed, the equipment will not pick up all the pollutants in the area and does not have as high sensitivity. Once the test by a professional is done, they will review the results and submit a report.

The air quality assessment report will indicate all the different pollutants detected in the building and the location they were found. The report will also provide mitigation strategies and possible sources of contamination of the pollutants. This part of the report is essential as even if you believe you might have a certain pollutant in your home, it can be difficult to determine how to deal with it. 

Air quality tests are essential in ensuring that your building and its inhabitants are protected. Pollutants in the air can cause a variety of symptoms and lead to long-lasting effects. If you are worried about the air quality in your home, call InchbyInch Inspections.

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