Improving Air Quality This Winter

air quality testingHaving good air quality at home is an essential component of a healthy life. With changes in seasons and temperatures outside and inside our homes, it can be difficult for us to maintain high air quality throughout the entire year. Summer and winter are the most critical seasons, as we tend to close all windows and amp up the AC. Wintertime is especially problematic, as the common occurrence of condensation increases air humidity, creating favourable conditions for mold growth. Let’s find out how to improve indoor air quality and avoid indoor air quality testing during these cold days.

How to Improve Air Quality at Home?

There are a few steps you can take to improve the air quality in your home during winter:

  • Clean your home regularly – Dust and other particles tend to accumulate on floors, furniture, carpets, clothes, and basically everything you own. Proficient cleaning can prevent these pollutants from reaching high concentrations in the indoor air. It is best to use natural cleaning products, as many synthetic agents release harmful chemicals that further decrease the air quality.
  • Don’t forget the HVAC system – Change HEPA filters promptly and clean the vents to avoid the buildup of dust, mold spores and other air pollutants.
  • Ensure good ventilation – Good air circulation is one of the best tools to combat molds, remove stale air, reduce air humidity and generally improve air quality. Ventilation is especially important in bathrooms, kitchens, basements, attics and rooms where laundry is dried, as these places are prone to increased air humidity.
  • Fix leaks promptly – Water-damaged building materials are very attractive to molds. Considering mold spores are everywhere, they can establish in this material very quickly upon damage and grow profusely if the area is left unchecked.
  • Fix roof damage – If the roof is damaged, rain, snow and mold spores can enter the home through the cracks. As attics usually get less attention than other parts of the home, the problem often isn’t noticed early, and molds have more than enough time to establish.
  • Air quality testing – Many harmful air pollutants can be hidden or invisible, so the best way to know whether your home is experiencing problems is to have it tested. A professional home air quality test can exactly determine the concentration of specific pollutants and indicate their source in the home.
  • Mold inspection – Inspect the home for signs of molds, with a special focus on areas that are prone to humidity and excess moisture. If you notice any signs of their presence, it might be a good idea to call a professional mold inspector.

Improve Air Quality With Inch by Inch

Air quality plays an important role in our quality of life, so if you are experiencing problems with it at your home, you might want to get professional air quality testing. Call your trusted home remediation company – Inch by Inch Inspections. Our experienced, friendly staff is happy to make your home a healthier and safer place, as well as to provide helpful advice on how to keep it that way. Reach out to Inch by Inch today and schedule your air quality testing.

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