How Mold Growth Affects Indoor Air Quality

indoor ait quality testing in torontoHaving good indoor air quality in your property is paramount for your comfort and health. Unfortunately, it can quickly be impacted by the onset of mold. If mold has infiltrated your property and it goes without mold remediation in Toronto for too long, the indoor air quality becomes compromised, ultimately affecting your well-being and those around you. To maintain a comfortable and healthy environment, mold remediation in Toronto from Inch By Inch Inspections Inspections could be the solution. Following mold remediation services, indoor air quality testing should be conducted to guarantee that the air in your home is safe and healthy.

Continue reading to learn about how mold infestations affect air quality.

How Does Mold Spread Through Your Home?

Mold spores easily travel throughout your property, whether it’s through open doors, your ventilation system, fans, or even attaching themselves to clothes or pets. Essentially, mold spores spread through a property through open doors, windows, and even by clinging on to your clothing. Actually, mold spores are almost always in the air. It isn’t until spores find an area with suitable conditions — high humidity, a water supply, and lack of airflow — that they settle and infest. Indoor air quality testing from Inch By Inch Inspections Inspections is great for early mold detection and remediation in Toronto. 

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Mold Around HVAC Systems

If mold is growing around your HVAC system, the chance of mold spores traveling throughout your property is significantly higher. Mold will quickly grow around HVAC systems. Water vapour forms within the duct system when cold air passes through. When there’s water present, even a little bit, it creates an environment conducive to mold growth. In addition to water, HVAC systems are a warm environment full of organic matter, like dust and dirt, giving mold spores a food source they need to thrive.

Signs Mold Is Affecting Your Indoor Air Quality

Mold is an indoor air pollutant that negatively affects the air quality inside your property. If you think the air quality in your property has been compromised by mold spores, there are numerous signs to keep in mind. For one, if there’s a strong musty odour present, especially when you turn on the air conditioning unit. Secondly, pay attention to your health; if your nose, eyes, or throat are irritated when you switch on air conditioning or ventilation, there may be a problem. The health effects of low indoor air quality and mold vary from person to person, but are harsher for those with seasonal allergies or weakened immune systems. If you notice any of these systems,  contact Inch By Inch Inspections Inspections for indoor air quality testing to determine if mold is the reason.

Mycotoxins, Mold, & Indoor Air Quality Testing 

Produced by toxic mold, mycotoxins are a harmful chemical released into the air that negatively affects indoor air quality and eventually your health. If your property has fallen victim to black mold infestation, the exposure to mycotoxins is difficult to avoid without mold remediation in Toronto. 

When mycotoxins are inhaled, you may experience numerous health problems, such as migraines, joint pain, fatigue, or poor immune function. To avoid any health problems, conduct a mold inspection and indoor air quality testing if you notice your property has stagnant air and high humidity.

Inch By Inch Inspections Inspections & Mold Remediation in Toronto

To ensure your property has high indoor air quality and is free of pesky mold spores, you can depend on Inch By Inch Inspections Inspections for comprehensive mold remediation services from certified and trusted professionals. 

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