Indoor Air Quality in Office Buildings: Is It Time for Testing?

Clean, fresh air is a prerequisite for anyone to feel energized, productive, and efficient. Clean air can improve blood pressure and mood, strengthen the immune system, and ensure better digestion of food. It is one of the key elements for a healthy life. Individuals tend to spend the majority of their time at work. An environment where feeling energized, productive and efficient are all important factors. That’s why good indoor air quality at your workplace has never been more important. Before deciding whether or not you need to improve the air quality in your office, it’s important to determine common signs of poor air quality.

Symptoms of poor indoor air quality at the workplace include:

  • High air humidity levels
  • Stale, dusty air
  • Unpleasant, lingering odors
  • Presence of mold
  • Sick Building Syndrome
  • Employees having headaches, nausea, fatigue, respiratory issues or skin reactions, and feeling drowsy while they are at the office

Commercial Air Quality Testing

In order to be confident that the indoor air quality in your office building is at appropriate levels, it is necessary to perform a professional air quality testing. AQT usually includes:

Visual inspection

Thorough visual inspection of the entire office building should be performed; this includes checking both the outside and the inside of the building for possible air pollutants. Maintenance areas, storage rooms and mechanical rooms must be inspected too. Air quality inspectors usually try to find sources of unpleasant odors and moisture, as well as water-damaged areas that are prone to mold growth. Cleaning products must be inspected as well, as they too affect air quality.

HVAC inspection and maintenance

If the HVAC system is not functioning properly or if it is poorly designed, it may trap the contaminants inside the building, or even worse, draw them into the building from outside. Pollutants also tend to build up in the HVAC filters over time, which is why regular maintenance and timely filter changing are necessary. If filters get oversaturated with pollutants, they might release them back into the air and severely degrade the air quality inside the building.

Sample collecting

Air quality inspectors will collect a number of samples from different parts of the building in order to estimate the concentration of the following pollutants: formaldehyde, VOCs (volatile organic compounds), humidity, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide, molds and mildews, asbestos, resins, chemical solvents, cleaning products, and allergens.

Test reports

Once the inspection is finished, air quality inspector will provide a detailed report, showing results and location of each test, information about the HVAC operating conditions, a list of problematic areas within the building, and recommendations for corrective actions.

Is It Time for Air Quality Testing?

The current COVID-19 pandemic has only accentuated the importance of a healthy environment and clean indoor air, especially in business buildings, where many people interact with each other on a daily basis. Regular air quality inspection is a must in these conditions, and it is important to find a certified, professional air quality inspector who will perform the air quality testing for offices in Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton & beyond, strictly according to the safety measures proclaimed by the Canadian government. Experienced staff at Inch by Inch Inspections are equipped to provide high-quality service without jeopardizing your health or the health of your colleagues. The latest testing equipment and expert knowledge of Inch by Inch’s inspectors provide safe and efficient air quality testing in business buildings all over Toronto and the GTA. Reach out at 416-568-9702 to Inch by Inch to schedule an air quality test in your office building today. Stay safe.

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