Signs You May Need A Mold Inspection

mold inspection torontoMold is a colloquial term that encompasses many species of fungi whose growth causes discoloration and dusty or fuzzy appearance on construction materials, food, clothes, wood, and similar materials. Mold and their spores can be found everywhere, considering these fungi reproduce vigorously and play a crucial role in the degradation of organic matter. While their presence in nature is mostly beneficial, it is highly unfavourable in indoor environments. Aside from affecting the structure of buildings, mold can also be very harmful to human health. They are one of the most common air pollutants in homes and their negative health effects have been recognized and reported since the beginning of the 20th century.

Mold can cause a variety of health issues with long-term exposure, but the severity depends on the specific species. Some mold is more harmful than others and produces a variety of very harmful toxins. In order to keep a healthy environment in your home, you need to watch out for signs of mold and react quickly if their presence is confirmed.

What Are the Signs of a Mold Problem?

Considering that indoor temperature is more or less constant and within a range that is favourable for mold development, their growth depends on two key elements – the amount of organic matter, and more importantly, the level of humidity in the environment. Mold is generally found in humid areas with low ventilation, like bathrooms, attics, and cellars.

The most common signs of mold presence include:

Musty, damp smell

This is a classic, telltale sign of mold development, and it commonly occurs in humid environments with bad ventilation. Sometimes this smell can appear due to high air humidity and after heavy rainfall, but the smell persists you might have a problem with mold.

History of flooding and water damage in the home

If your home has experienced flooding or has problems with leaky pipes, tubs/showers, and faucets, it is very likely that you have a mold problem. Floods are especially damaging, as the water gets deep into the flooring and building material, providing favourable environment for mold infestation.

Respiratory issues, allergies and frequent headaches

The most common symptoms of mold exposure include throat irritation, coughing, chest tightness, runny nose, chronic sinusitis, headaches and a lack of energy. If you are experiencing more than three of these symptoms, mold might be the culprit.

Visible mold colonies

This is the most obvious sign of mold presence. When mold colonies become visible, the problem has reached a point where no DIY solutions can solve it, so professional removal is necessary.

How To Deal With a Mold Problem?

Unfortunately, mold is often noticed when it is already too late to take adequate measures to efficiently stop their growth. Considering they can have a very negative effect on health with prolonged exposure, it is necessary to remove them as soon as possible. Due to the nature of their growth, mold can get very deep into the building material, so their effective removal requires professional knowledge and equipment.

If you are experiencing troubles with mold, it is best to call a trusted mold remediation company and have your problem solved by an expert. The highly experienced staff of Inch by Inch Inspections offers its high-quality mold inspection and removal services in Toronto and the GTA. If you are looking for a professional, honest inspector and want to get the best quality for your money, reach out to Inch by Inch at 416-568-9702 and schedule your inspection today.

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