Spring Cleaner's Guide to Mold Removal in Toronto

Spring is here, and if you’re like most people, the warm breeze means you’ll be opening up your windows and starting to deep clean your property. Whether you’re a homeowner or running a business, annual or seasonal comprehensive cleaning allows you to freshen your property. During this time of organization and sanitization, many people uncover hidden issues like water damage and mold that must be addressed. If you’re going into spring cleaning, be prepared that you may need mold removal in Toronto. At Inch By Inch Inspections, we offer professional indoor air quality testing as well as mold removal services to help you clear your air and protect your property. 

Here is the simple spring cleaner’s guide to mold removal in Toronto.

Signs There’s Mold Hidden on Your Property 

Spring Cleaner's Guide to Mold Removal in TorontoMold spores exist virtually everywhere outdoors as a result of nature. However, when these spores get into your property through open doors and windows, they can settle in areas that have the right conditions for it to grow. Once a mold infestation starts to proliferate, it moves exponentially, rapidly taking over surfaces in its path and other rooms until it is intercepted by mold removal services. 

Mold is most often identified either visually or by its telltale odour. If you notice non-visible signs of mold, professionals like the team at Inch By Inch Inspections can help by conducting thorough inspections and indoor air quality testing. Mold can be identified visually by its dark, earthy colours and velvet texture. 

Where Does Mold Grow Indoors?

Mold tends uninterrupted in rooms that are not high-traffic, leaving infestations to expand and replicate without interference like the attic, basement, or crawl space. With that being said, mold can still be hidden in plain sight, such as in kitchens behind appliances, in bathrooms between plumbing, and anywhere just beneath the drywall. To ensure the full scope of an outbreak is detected, contact the experts at Inch By Inch Inspections for mold inspection and mold removal in Toronto. 

Where to Check for Mold During Spring Cleaning

  • The basement is a prime spot for mold growth, especially behind appliances, within storage boxes, on walls, and on floor carpets, primarily due to its cooler temperatures and potential for dampness.
  • Bathroom mold tends to hide in shower curtains and tile grout, underneath and behind sinks, and on window sills, thriving in the constant humidity produced by showers and baths.
  • Kitchens can also harbour mold behind refrigerators and ovens, under the sink, in pantry corners, and around dishwashers and other appliances that use water, as these areas may accumulate moisture and provide a suitable environment for mold to grow.
  • The attic is often on of the top places where mold can be found, particularly near roof leaks or around roof vents, on insulation and wooden beams, and at the base of chimneys, where condensation and moisture can accumulate over time.
  • Window frames and sills are susceptible to mold due to the condensation that can gather around the edges, especially in between double-glazed window panes if the seals are broken, as well as on curtains and blinds that are frequently in contact with this moisture.

What Might Trigger Mold During Cleaning 

When you’re working on your spring cleaning, in addition to keeping an eye out for pre-existing outbreaks, you’ll also want to prevent future infestations. The most common trigger for mold is moisture. When water damage or excess humidity is paired with cellulose materials, the chances of mold increase significantly, so while cleaning, it’s important to keep the area dry when working with water and ensure there is sufficient ventilation. 

Why Mold Removal Even Matters

During the spring, the dangerous and harmful effects of mold can often be masked by seasonal allergies, as symptoms of exposure can look similar. By prioritizing mold removal in Toronto when you notice the signs, you will not only protect your building materials and property from being damaged by the invasive fungi, but you will also prevent the people who occupy it from compromising their health. Spring cleaning is the perfect time to get a closer look at the areas where mould is most likely to go unnoticed; if you see an infestation, call the trusted experts at Inch By Inch Inspections.

Who to Call When You Need Mold Removal in Toronto

When dealing with mold, choose the IICRC-certified and experienced professionals at Inch By Inch Inspections. Our team takes a comprehensive and results-oriented approach to mold removal, from inspection to remediation and odour removal. 

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