Tips for Managing Bathroom Mold in Oakville

Managing bathroom mold is a common challenge faced by homeowners in Southern Ontario. By nature, bathrooms have many qualities that end up requiring mold remediation in Oakville: they are humid, there are organic materials, and there is often poor airflow. At Inch by Inch Inspections, we recommend air quality testing to help discover and manage bathroom mold growth. This safe and effective service can root out hidden infestations or alert you to warning signs or conditions conducive to mold growth. For detection and mold removal in the Greater Toronto Area, contact Inch By Inch Inspections.

Top Four Tips to Prevent Bathroom Mold

  1. mold remediation OakvilleRun the fan: Bathrooms build up moisture because of bathing, standing water in the toilet bowl, leaks, sink use, and splashes. Removing and drying up that moisture is critical to preventing bathroom mold; the best way to do this is to use and run an exhaust fan.
  2. Identify & Fix Leaks: Regularly inspect taps, piping, and areas under the sink for leaks — even a single drop of water once an hour is enough to feed and sustain a mold colony. If there’s a leak, clean it up ASAP and get air moving to dry out any affected materials.  
  3. Clean Small Instances of Mold: Patches of mold smaller than a quarter can be cleaned immediately, but with a few safety steps — use a new sponge and throw it away afterward to prevent cross-contamination, and test any mold sprays in a discreet area first. 
  4. Run a Dehumidifier: If you have a windowless bathroom or a fan doesn’t help reduce humidity, you can also run a small dehumidifier to reduce ambient moisture. Modern dehumidifiers come in small and discreet sizes that can fit on a countertop or under a cupboard. 

Indoor Air Quality Testing

When Inch by Inch performs indoor air quality testing in a bathroom, we look for a few signs and symptoms. While visible mold growth is a great place to start, many instances of mold happen tucked away in or behind cupboards, walls, or fixtures. Air quality tests can detect the presence of hidden mold through their spores, the airborne “seeds” that mold uses to reproduce. Air quality tests also measure humidity, temperature, and other pollutants in your air environment. 

Recognize the Signs of Mold

Even if you can’t see it, mold growth may still have recognizable signs that point to its presence. The Inch by Inch team recommends looking out for:

  • Soft countertops. 
  • Discolouration. 
  • A musty odour. 
  • Spongy floorboards. 

Professional Mold Remediation with Inch By Inch Inspections

If you discover mold in your bathroom, we highly recommend professional mold remediation because the potential for cross-contamination, secondary damage, and re-infestation from DIY mold removal is very high. With professional mold removal, safety and thoroughness are prioritized through industry-standard, scientifically-backed protocols and methodologies. This ensures that we accurately identify areas that suffer from mold, that it is efficiently removed, and that any risk factors for future infestation are identified. 

At Inch by Inch Inspections, our mold testing, indoor air quality testing, and remediation and restoration services are tailored to serve your home's unique conditions, the size or scope of the infestation, or concerns. To book your mold remediation in Oakville or inquire about any signs or symptoms you may be experiencing, contact Inch By Inch Inspections.

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