Why Is Professional Mold Removal In Oakville Necessary

mold removal oakvilleMold is everywhere, so it is not uncommon to see traces of mold growth in any given building. That is why mold removal in Oakville is so common. Mold can grow on the walls, ceilings and floors and always seems to thrive in warm and damp places. Aside from being unsightly, mold is also a health hazard and requires professional mold remediation in Oakville. Mold spores can cause breathing difficulties, flu-like symptoms and aggravate allergies. In fact, there are over one hundred species of mold that are toxic to living beings.

The problem is that people who don't have any expertise in identifying mold species may not be able to tell which type of mold they are dealing with. They may notice a growing patch of discoloured, slimy substance that emits an unpleasant odor. The best thing you can do is to hire a professional mold removal service like Inch By Inch Inspections to conduct an inspection of your property and analyze the mold types and levels.

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Why Do You Need Professional Mold Removal In Oakville 

Mold can grow virtually anywhere. It is present in almost all homes, schools, and commercial buildings. Mold spores are in the air we breathe and are found in nature. When they come into contact with the right conditions, mold can spread quickly. Chemical cleaners kill mold temporarily by releasing toxic particles into the air, which may cause allergies or asthma or aggravate existing respiratory problems. They also require repeated application. 

Professional mold remediation in Oakville is a process that involves many steps. Since mold thrives in moist environments, it is essential to eliminate water and excess moisture to ensure long-term mold removal in Oakville. Mold removal companies will have their own procedure for identifying and eliminating mold growth that fits with your specific situation. Their knowledge of the steps required will come from years of experience in dealing with mold problems and will be based on research conducted by scientific experts on a national level.

The Mold Removal Process

 Professional mold removal services are delivered by trained, knowledgeable professionals ready to do the job right. The process can vary depending on the size and location of the mold and the type of surface on which it has grown. Odor removal and odor elimination are also something that you should expect. Inch By Inch Inspections trained technicians will work directly with you to develop a plan to meet your specific needs. 

Here is a general overview of what to expect during a professional mold remediation service: 

Step 1 - Mold Inspection: 

A certified master mold inspector will visually inspect the affected area(s) and identify any areas that may have obvious signs of mold growth. 

Step 2- Mold Remediation: 

This step of the process usually takes about two days. A trained technician will apply mold removal chemicals and scrub the area to remove all visible mold. You can expect to see significant results in this stage.

Step 3 -Air Quality Test:  

Next is to test the air quality in the home. Mold can grow in the home and cause additional health problems. Your mold inspection technician will use personal & specialized equipment to test the air quality in 20+ different areas of the home. This will ensure that the mold remediation services performed completely eradicated your home of mold. 

If you find mold growing in your Oakville home, it's essential to remove it immediately. Not only can mold cause health problems for you and your family, but it can also damage your home's structure. Contact Inch By Inch for mold removal services in Oakville. Our team of inspectors have the training and equipment necessary to safely remove the mold from your home without causing further contamination.

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