Signs There Is Mold in Your Attic

Despite there being an attic in every home, and every homeowner knowing that it is there, the thought that there is mold does not typically cross one’s mind until the outbreak becomes so widespread that it requires professional intervention. Your attic is one of the most susceptible places in the home for mold growth. Without air quality testing or mold removal in Burlington, infestations in the attic can lead to significant health risks to occupants of the home and property damage as well. At Inch By Inch Inspections, we are here to be your guide for all things mold in the Greater Toronto Area. From air quality testing to mold removal and odour removal in Burlington, our IICRC-certified technicians will help you detect, assess, and eliminate traces of mold on your property so you can maintain a healthy living environment.

Our goal is to empower property owners across the region with the tools and understanding to identify, remediate, and prevent mold-related issues. Read our blog to learn the signs there might be mold infestations on your property with Inch By Inch Inspections.

Most Common Signs of Attic Mold

mold removal and air quality testing BurlingtonBeing aware of and recognizing the common signs of mold will be helpful in stemming the tide of mold growth promptly, reducing property damage and mitigating health concerns. The first and earliest sign that you may need mold removal in Burlington is water damage. Because moisture is a catalyst for mold colonization, leaks, floods, and water intrusion is often linked to indoor mold infestations. Keep an eye out for bubbling paint, peeling drywall, or stained surfaces around your property.  If water damage has occurred in the last day or more, call Inch By Inch Inspections for air quality testing in Burlington. Our teams will check for heighted mold spore levels indoors which will indicate the presence of mold. When there is a mold in your attic, you will also notice the odour of mold, most often described as musty and earthy. In most case the notorious aroma is overwhelming and difficult to neutralize without professional mold and odour removal services. 

Causes Leading to Conditions

The attic presents lots of opportunities for water intrusion. While there are rarely pipes running through the roof cavity, the proximity to the outdoors makes it opportune for leaks. Water damage in the attic has many different causes including damage to roofing components, warped flashing, cracks in the roof, melting ice dams, improper sealing and ore. 

Some more of the conditions to look out for that lead to mold in the attic are poor or improperly directed ventilation, the presence of organic matter such as animal droppings or even leaf matter, condensation resulting from attic ventilation problems that allow excessive moisture to accumulate, a failure with your A/C condenser if it is housed in the attic. When any of these conditions are present, it will assuredly lead to mold in the attic.

By understanding these signs, causes, symptoms, and conditions, you can ensure a safe and mold-free attic and living space for you and your family. This blog's aim was to simply and succinctly help you to do that. We here at Inch By Inch Inspections are always standing by at a moment's notice in case any of these warning signs or symptoms apply to you and your home.

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