Preventing Window Mold this Winter

Winter is that time of the year when staying at your warm, cozy home seems like the most attractive option. Temperatures can be quite low outside and humidity very high – very unfavorable and unpleasant conditions for human errands, but very favourable for mold development around windows. If you’re not paying attention, your window sills and casings can quickly become covered with black mold spores. Mold depletes air quality in your home and can potentially cause serious health problems, especially in children. 

But why does mold often develop around windows during wintertime? Well, when it comes to mold, everything revolves around humidity. During the cold winter days and nights, the stark difference between the temperature inside and outside the home causes condensation to form on and around the windows, thus increasing moisture levels and creating a favourable environment for mold to thrive. Condensation is the key issue, but there are a few other factors that contribute to mold development which also need to be taken into account.

Causes of Window Mold

Any case of excess moisture has the potential to substantiate mold growth. When the warm indoor air meets cold windows, it creates drops of condensation on the window glass, sills and casings. The problem will get only worse if there is no adequate ventilation, or if the shades are drawn in, because the sunlight cannot reach them and speed up their drying. 

Windows that are damaged, bent, or have any gaps in their frames are more prone to mold development, because they perpetually let cold air inside, as well as droplets of rain and snow. This results in increased indoor humidity, which speeds up mold growth. Considering that mold needs moisture to thrive, they are often found in rooms that contain sources of water, like kitchens, bathrooms and cellars. Air is more saturated with humidity in these areas, especially if they are not ventilated or have bad air circulation. 

Mold may start out as a small problem, but given the right conditions and some time, it can spread throughout the home and settle deeply into the construction material. This makes mold removal very hard. You may use some over-the-counter mold removal products to remove the surface mycelia and spores, but this is only a temporary solution. As soon as the conditions are favourable again, the mold will start replicating and form the surface mycelia and spores once again. That is why prevention and caution are of utmost importance when it comes to dealing with this pest.

Window Mold Prevention

Toronto’s humid winters only increase susceptibility to mold damage during this time of the year. To avoid this adverse effect of the elements, and to decrease condensation around windows, it is advised to install high-quality windows with good insulation properties. This, along with some good air circulation by periodically opening the windows, should significantly reduce condensation and prevent the incidence of molds. Make sure that your windows don’t have any gaps or drafts; if they do, fill them with caulking, silicone or some other type of insulating material. If the condensation keeps forming regardless, then it is best to manually dry the windows every day.

Preventing molds is all about preventing excess moisture. There are two basic ways to control the levels of humidity in the home; the first includes maintaining roof gutters, fixing leaks or any unwanted sources of water inside, while the second relates to good air circulation. Ventilation fans and/or dehumidifiers have proven to be very effective tools for mold prevention and increasing indoor air quality.

What to Do with Recurring Window Mold?

If in spite of your best efforts, mold keeps developing on your window sills and casings, you should consider calling the professionals. If the mold mycelium spread deep in the construction material, it will take more than a surface cleanup to get rid of them for good. 

Long term exposure to mold spores can have a very negative effect on health and cause asthma, allergies and various lung diseases. If you have a recurring problem with mold, the best choice is to reach out to a trusted mold removal company

Inch by Inch Inspections is a certified home remediation company that offers professional mold inspection and removal services in Toronto and the GTA. Inch by Inch Inspections’ experienced staff uses safe, hygienic and effective methods for mold remediation, utilizing non-toxic, eco friendly products that do not contain biocides. If you are looking for an efficient, safe and eco-friendly mold removal service, call Inch by Inch Inspections today to schedule your inspection.

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