Steps To Proper Mold Removal In Toronto

mold removal company torontoMold is a fast-growing problem in homes when it is not adequately maintained or has water damage. If you have noticed any signs of mold in your Burlington home, it may be necessary for you to hire a professional mold inspection company like Inch by Inch to inspect the problem. When undertaking mold removal in your Burlington home, it's important to take specific steps to ensure that the problem is properly taken care of. With the proper equipment, knowledge and efforts, you can ensure your mold remediation in Burlington is done safely. 

Where To Start 

It may be tempting to just start ripping walls down as a form of mold removal, but be sure you have a plan in place before you do so. You want to perform a visual mold inspection of your Burlington home or commercial property first. You can do this yourself, but it is best to hire a professional company, like Inch by Inch Inspections, for help. 

The goal of the visual mold inspection is to determine the extent of how bad the mold has become. Are there just few patches here and there? Or does it look like you have an entire bathroom covered in mold? If it looks like there is just a small amount then you may want to consider spot treating it.

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Professional Mold Inspection In Toronto

Mold spores can cause many different types of health problems, including asthma. If you suspect that mold is growing within your property, the first step is to confirm that it does indeed exist. 

Often a certified home or commercial building inspector will check for signs of mold growth by performing an inspection. 

When hiring a mold services company to perform a mold inspection in your Burlington home or commercial property, be sure to have your inspector check the following areas of your home:

  1. The Roof: A leaky roof might start out looking like a minor problem but can quickly escalate and can cause expensive water damage in the home.
  2. The Attic: Sometimes, the moisture from a leaky roof can seep into an attic due to issues with the vapour barrier in your attic insulation. Ice dams are also a common cause of moisture seeping out. 
  3. The Basement: Moisture in the basement can cause mold contamination if there is not enough ventilation. 
  4. The Walls: The walls should be checked for any signs of water damage. For instance, moisture may show up as stains, bubbling paint or discoloured drywall. Any stains that are not old enough to determine if they are benign must be picked at the edges with a putty knife and examined it.

Mold Remediation Clean Up 

Once you've confirmed mold in your Burlington property, you will want to hire mold removal services in Burlington. To do so, the first step is to get in touch with a reputable mold remediation company in Burlington like Inch by Inch Inspections. 

While you wait for them to begin the mold removal, you can keep you and your family safer by creating an optimal environment for the mold spores to be removed from. This will vary depending on the type of material the mold is growing on and how much sunlight is present. Generally speaking, you should open up all the windows and use exhaust fans in order to remove humidity from the air. 

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