Where Are You Most Likely to Find Mold in Oakville Property

Despite meticulous care, mold infestations can show up in the cleanest homes surprising the most attentive homeowners. If left unaddressed or undetected, mold only gets worse, causing reduced indoor air quality and structural damage around the property. If you’ve noticed the relenting odour of pungent mold growth, don’t wait much longer to schedule air quality testing in Oakville. Our team of IICRC-certfied technicians will help you rid your property of this hazardous intrusion with mold remediation and odour removal in Toronto. 

Read below and learn more about what areas of your home are most likely to have mold growth.

Bathrooms Mold 

air quality testing OakvilleOnce mold particles enter the home, they naturally gravitate toward an environment they thrive the most in humidity and moisture. Bathrooms are the best room to find that. Spot mold growth in areas like the shower or the sink, as these places are frequently wet. The particles typically stick into the cracks, like the caulking, causing a visible build-up. Another reason for significant mold in bathrooms is the lack of ventilation in the space. Bathrooms often lack a window; if they have one, it’s relatively small. The organic materials left, like soap scum and skin particles, feed into mold growth. This is why it’s essential to keep a clean bathroom; to avoid mold infestation. 

Basements and Attics

It may be hard to detect mold in these areas, as basements and attics don’t have the most traffic out of all the rooms in your home. If mold does occur and you notice the signs of mold (strange odours, allergies, etc.), you may decide to call for air quality testing in Oakville. Professionals will check all areas of your home for suspicious substances you ingest. Though you may not use the basement or attic of your home, the particles of mold can move around in your home, creating a dangerous environment. Due to the low ventilation and lack of light in these areas, mold growth is prone to be present in these areas. 

Around windows and Doors

Mold spores typically come in from the outdoors, either on your clothes or through the windows or doors of your home. Especially in summer, when you open your windows or leave your doors open, it not only creates an opening for mold spores to enter, but it lets warm air into your air-conditioned home. Condensation can form on the windows, which creates the moist environment that mold loves. This mold growth may cause odours, therefore, requires mold and odour removal in Toronto. 

In-and-Around Home Appliances

Mold in home appliances (washing machine and dishwasher) can be a common area to find mold. With the warm water and soap used to wash dishes or clothes, mold can grow if you fail to air out the appliance afterward. If you use your appliances responsibly, this can easily be avoided. 

Mold Remediation with Inch by Inch Inspections

Inch by Inch Inspections offers various services to help get your home to the cleanest it can be. All our technicians are certified to successfully remove mold from your home. Inquire with us today, and rid your home of mold. 

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