Why DIY Attic Mold Removal is Never Safe

DIY-ing a home maintenance service can save you money in the short term; however, there may be better and more effective options. When it comes to mold removal, there are multiple steps in a professional removal service that require equipment and tools unavailable to homeowners. Air quality testing is a crucial step in detecting mold. Inch by Inch has leading professionals and advanced technology to get the job done. With infrared thermal inspection, we will detect all the mold in your home and successfully remove it. If you have recently experienced a flood, allergy-like symptoms, or are suspicious of mold growth in your home, don’t hesitate to contact Inch by Inch.

Keep reading to learn more as to why it’s not safe to DIY attic mold removal.

The Release of Mold Spores

attic infrared inspectionAs homeowners, we are not trained and licensed in mold removal. We are not versed in mold growth. When we blindly start cleaning and attempting to remove mold, the mold spores can quickly be released into the rest of the home if not appropriately contained. This can cause further mold growth in other areas, never truly remediating the problem. When seeking professional assistance, they will do an infrared thermal inspection to ensure every last bit of mold is gone. Trust licensed professionals for hefty jobs like attic mold removal. 

Health Risks

Mold Infestation can cause severe health issues when exposed to an excessive amount. If you do not take the proper precautions and wear appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), there is a high chance you will experience the following: 

  • Runny/stuffy nose
  • Coughing
  • Sneezing
  • Itchiness
  • And more.

The symptoms will resemble allergic reactions, so once you notice them, make a visit to the doctors so they can guide you as to what next steps to take. It’s crucial to be extra cautious if you or a family member has a weaker immune system, as they experience more severe symptoms. With air quality testing with Inch by Inch, enjoy a safer and healthier home. 

Insufficient Removal Methods

With the lack of knowledge an average homeowner has, there’s only so much you can learn on the internet. Even when you do your research, that knowledge cannot completely get rid of the mold growth in your home. Whether you don’t find the root of the problem or you don’t remediate the mold entirely. This is why the best solution is to turn to professionals when you deal with mold. They have appropriate tools and equipment like vacuums and specific protocols to follow when carrying out mold removal. With professional mold removal services, you won’t need constant maintenance; it’s a one-time job. 

Inch By Inch for Attic Mold Removal

When encountering mold growth, contact Inch by Inch Inspections. All of our technicians are IICRC-certified and are qualified to help you eliminate mold effectively. By providing services in Toronto and around the GTA for the past 15 years, our clients are always left satisfied with our work. Achieve a safer living space as soon as possible by booking an inspection with one of our professionals today.

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