Biggest Myths About Mold & Mold Removal in Toronto

mold removal torontoMolds are very stealthy microorganisms – you cannot see their spores unless you pull up a microscope or they develop visible colonies. Due to their adaptability, high reproductive potential and the ease of spread, molds can be found almost anywhere, from your basement to Antarctica. It is impossible to avoid them completely. Considering our homes have perfect conditions for their development, it is not surprising that mold removal in Toronto is a common service requested.

Some Toronto homeowners panic at the slightest trace of mold and attempt removal immediately, while some consider it just an unpleasant nuisance. It is important to note that having molds doesn't automatically indicate health hazards or property damage. Not all species produce dangerous toxins, but it is better to be safe than sorry. Sometimes having molds and ignoring the problem can cause greater issues down the road. Don't rely only on what you heard about them because there are many mold myths out there, and conflicting opinions are not unusual. To help you untangle this yarn and provide a fact-based outlook, we've decided to tackle the most common myths about molds and mold remediation among Toronto homeowners.

Myth: Mold will grow anywhere

Fact: Although it might seem that molds will grow on anything, anywhere, anytime, they actually have certain requirements and preferences when it comes to growing conditions. All molds need moisture to thrive; that's why you can often find them in humid areas like bathrooms and basements. Flooded building materials can retain moisture for a long time, so they are very prone to housing mold colonies. If there is no moisture, molds won't develop, even if all other conditions are favourable.

Myth: If it's just a little bit of mold that doesn't look that bad, then it's not a big deal

Fact: A single speck of mold can develop into a big colony given enough time and humidity, or it can hide an already established one underneath it. This is why ignoring the problem can be very risky, especially if you don't know what mold you are dealing with, as some are more harmful than others.

Myth: Mold is toxic 

Fact: Mold mycelium itself is not toxic. It is the toxins produced by certain species of mold that are harmful. However, even the toxin-producing species don't release those harmful compounds all the time. They do it in specific conditions. For example, Stachybotrys chartarum produces toxic byproducts when exposed to water. This mold can be found growing on wet cellulose materials, such as drywall or carpet backing, or on wet wood products.

Myth:  Mold can be easily killed with bleach

Fact: Bleach is a very efficient biocide, so it makes sense that it will get rid of those pesky molds, right? Wrong. Mold mycelium can spread deep into the building material, where chemicals cannot reach it. Removing the growth on the surface only postpones the inevitable reemergence.

Myth: DIY mold removal in Toronto is easy

Fact: It is easy to overlook the scope of the contamination and all spots where molds hide, so DIY removal often results in treating the symptoms without eliminating the cause. This is why most DIY removal projects have no long-term effect. The best solution is to get professional mold remediation in Toronto and thoroughly identify and remove all traces of these persistent organisms.

We hope this article sheds some light on the most common misconceptions about molds. For any further information, reach out to Inch by Inch Inspections. Our certified staff is ready to answer all your questions and provide quality mold removal service in Toronto and the GTA. Contact Us today to schedule your inspection.

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