What Landlords Should Do About Mold Removal in Toronto

For landlords, mold removal in Toronto can be a nightmare come true. Often tenants do not know what signs to look for, and the mold can seemingly come from out of nowhere – especially when it comes to units you don't spend a lot of time in. However, once you've received that first communication from your tenants that they believe they've spotted mold inside the property, you need to respond quickly with local mold testing in Toronto and removal services.

Read on to learn what landlords should do about mold removal in Toronto.

Is Mold Removal in Toronto a Landlord’s Responsibility?

mold removal TorontoAccording to Ontario Tenant Laws, landlords are responsible for removing mold in Toronto. Once mold takes hold of a home, it's crucial to deal with it as soon as possible. When left unchecked, mold can cause your tenant serious health issues and even cause permanent damage to your unit. Once your tenant makes you aware of mold, it's vital to get inspectors in to test for mold and get rid of it swiftly after.

Signs of Mold 

Mold can be easier to spot once you know the signs. One sign people often associate with mold is its signature odour. The odour mold produces is unique to indoor mold and can stink up the whole property. Another common sign that mold has taken hold is water damage. If your tenants complain about water damage, mainly if it keeps reappearing, this might indicate that your unit has mold. Make sure your tenants know what mold might look like, as the sooner it is taken care of, the less damage it will do.

Mold Testing in Toronto

Before focusing on removing mold, it's essential to test it to make sure. Proper testing can let removers know what type of mold they're working with and therefore help them to remove it effectively. Mold testing in Toronto can often be done by experienced experts like Inch By Inch Inspections to assure you're getting efficient and accurate testing.

Do not DIY the Mold Removal 

If you're a hands-on landlord, it can be your first instinct to want to deal with the problem yourself. However, though mold removal can appear like a straightforward process, it can be far more complicated than it seems. Often, DIY mold removals leave behind a fair amount of mold that can be hard to see with an untrained eye. This persistent mold can lead to health issues for your residents, which could lead to legal trouble for you.

Professional Mold Removal in Toronto

When it comes to mold removal in Toronto, it's vital to involve local professionals. Experts like Inch By Inch Inspections can ensure that the mold is adequately removed on the first try, saving you time, money, and tension with your tenants.

Stop the Return of Mold

Mold is incredibly common in Toronto rental units. Still, by properly taking care of it when it appears, you strengthen the infrastructure of your unit and solidify your relationship with your tenants. When you get experts like the team at Inch By Inch Inspections to take care of your mold removal, you set your property up for long-term success.

Reach out to Inch By Inch Inspections for professional mold testing and removal.


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