Preventing Basement Mold this Winter

Mold spores can exist and thrive almost anywhere. They are present in both indoor and outdoor air. If the environment is warm and humid, mold can grow and multiply very fast considering that these are optimal conditions for their growth. Stark differences between temperatures inside and outside during cold Toronto winters result in condensation on windows and in the construction material. This increases humidity in the house and creates a favorable environment for mold development. Basements are especially prone to molds because they are often poorly ventilated. Poor ventilation combined with excessive condensation that is commonly present in Toronto basements during cold winter months makes the perfect space for mold to thrive.

How to prevent mold growth in the basement?

The presence of mold is not only a serious threat to health, but also to durability of the construction material. Tiny hyphae that molds produce can get into even the smallest cracks in the material and grow, slowly, but steadily degrading its integrity. Taking their fast growth and reproduction rate into account, as well as how harmful they are, it is of utmost importance to prevent mold by taking adequate maintenance measures. Here are some tips that might help:

  • Maintain proper hygiene – regular cleaning removes dirt and dust, which can serve as food for mold; it may be almost impossible to remove all mold spores, but keeping the area clean keeps their presence under control;
  • Keep the environment dry – mold thrives in moist conditions, so it’s necessary to keep all sources of water in check; watch out for leaky faucets and don’t dry clothes in the basement if there is no proper ventilation;
  • Insulate the walls – this will stabilize temperature and enable fewer fluctuations that can lead to condensation;
  • Make sure that the basement is properly ventilated – good air circulation plays a very important role in keeping humidity low and reducing the incidence of mold; exhaust fans can be very effective if properly maintained;
  • Shut down water supply to broken pipes and appliances;
  • Remove things that could serve as mold sources – many basements are cluttered with things like old fabrics and footwear, broken appliances, stacks of notebooks, papers and various others items; all these things can serve as a good substrate for mold development, especially if humidity is high;
  • Avoid growing plants in the basement – molds can easily spread from the plant and potting soil into the environment, and vice versa.

Prevention is very important when it comes to mold because once spores settle, they grow very fast, especially if there is an abundance of food and moisture. The whole area can get infested quickly and turn into a serious health hazard. If there are any signs of mold presence, it is best to call a trusted mold removal company. Inch by Inch Inspections offers professional mold testing and removal service in Toronto and the GTA. With years of professional experience, Inch by Inch staff ensures efficient and thorough mold removal, using the latest technology and the safest methods. If you are looking for a service with the best price/quality ratio, call Inch by Inch Inspections to schedule your inspection today.


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