Unexpected Mold Infestation Hiding Spots

While the growth of mold can be evident in places such as a bathroom shower enclosure or around bathroom and kitchen sinks, faucets, toilets, or window sills, it can be less noticeable in areas we cannot see, such as behind walls or those shower enclosures, or in an attic. Mold may also be hiding in places. When you suspect mold, but can’t see it, you can rely on Inch By Inch Inspections for a reliable and affordable mold inspection in Toronto. We often think of mold as that black or green stuff we can see on surfaces; there can also be mold spores in the air of your home or office, place of business, or worship. We here at Inch By Inch Inspections also do air quality testing to help you not only discover if there is mold but will help you, more importantly, remediate it.

Unexpected Mold Hiding Spots 

mold inspections TorontoThe conditions considered ideal for mold growth, such as heat, low ventilation, moisture and/or humidity, and the presence of cellulose/organic material are often present in attics. While attic mold removal is incredibly common, it’s not the spot in residential properties where mold will hide. There are many other places you will want to check for mold that may not be so intuitive, especially for a first-time home buyer. 

HVAC Mold Inspections Toronto 

Heating and air conditioning require moisture and heat, which can often attract and spread mold spores. Features such as the condensate pan, commonly called the "drip" pan, of an HVAC system that collects water may be a common culprit most never consider. Once mold exists around the HVAC system, air distribution can facilitate the spread inof infestations to many indoor spaces. If you notice mold around your HVAC system, don’t take matters into your own hands, contact Inch By Inch Inspections for a mold inspection in Toronto. In addition to visible inspections, Inch By Inch Inspections also offers air quality testing which will effectively identify heightened levels of spores in the air, which gives insight into a hidden outbreak.

Carpet Mold Outbreaks 

If your home has carpeting, especially if you moved in after it was installed and do not know its maintenance history, there might be mold right under your feet! Carpets capture and hold dirt, dust, and debris caught by the fibres from the air; this organic material, combined with any spills, floods, or leaks, is the perfect storm and breeding ground for mold. Due to the nature of mold being able to get into tight or even unfrequented areas, spots that remain dark for the most part, such as in floor-to-ceiling cupboards or closets, may have mold underneath the flooring of organic nature or even inorganic such as vinyl, linoleum, laminate, and others.

Inspections & Air Quality Testing with Inch By Inch Inspections

Whether it's your attic, your kitchen, and bathrooms, or those more inconspicuous places we discussed, if you want top-notch air quality testing, visual or metered inspections, and the best remediation techniques and materials, give Inch By Inch Inspections a call! We help you to discover if there is a problem, fix the problem, and protect your home or property moving forward.

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