Controlling Window Condensation to Eliminate Mold Growth

window condensationsWhen the first cold days of late fall start to draw in, we amp up the heating and close all windows. The steep drop of temperature is not uncommon for a December in Mississauga, so every bit of precious warmth is best kept inside. With more time indoors, air quality testing can become one of the more important factors to consider. If the windows are not properly sealed, this can create a number of problems. For starters, the heat is lost due to the constant influx of cold air. Another problem is that drops of water will appear on and around the window, inviting molds to establish their colonies. You probably wonder – why does this happen?

What is Window Condensation?

Condensation on windows occurs when the water vapour in the warm indoor air meets the cold surface of the window glass. The vapour deposits itself on the cold surface in the form of tiny water droplets, which grow larger as more join the party. This is a very interesting phenomenon for many children and fluid dynamic physicists, but irritating for the majority of others. This excess of moisture damages plaster and wooden components of the window and creates favourable conditions for mold development. Because of this and prolonged cold weather, mold is a common byproduct that requires proper mold removal in Mississauga throughout the winter.

How Does Window Condensation Cause Mold?

Molds need water to grow and reproduce, so they are often found in areas with excess moisture. Windows that are subjected to condensation certainly fall in this category. Continuous dampening of the building material around the window and its wooden parts during the cold months gives molds more than enough time to establish their colonies. As they grow, they gradually deteriorate the building material, and adversely affect its structural integrity in the long run.

How to Stop Window Condensation and Prevent Molds?

There are a few ways you can eliminate excess moisture around your windows:

  • Make sure that weather stripping on your windows is not damaged; if it is, change it promptly.
  • Good air circulation is very important for preventing mold growth. As we tend to close our windows during the winter, it is advised to use fans while cooking, taking a bath and other activities that increase air humidity.
  • A dehumidifier is a powerful tool that can help you maintain air humidity at favourable levels, and prevent condensation from occurring in the first place.
  • Houseplants increase indoor air humidity so make sure to move them away from windows during cold months.

Molds can remain unnoticed for quite some time due to the nature of their growth, so by having indoor air quality testing you can notice their presence early. Visible signs of their presence indicate that their colonies are already well-established, so professional mold removal is usually required at this point. If you are looking for a trusted mold removal company in Mississauga, reach out to Inch by Inch Inspections. The certified, friendly staff of Inch by Inch is ready to provide quality service to you any day of the week. Call Inch by Inch today and schedule your inspection.

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