Mold Horror Stories - The Oakville Bathroom

We’ve seen some crazy things in our many years involved with mold remediation services, but one homeowner’s experience stands out as a true mold horror story. Last year, we worked with a family who purchased their dream home in 2010. It was a beautiful four-bedroom home that they bought from the previous owners after it had been completely renovated. A fantastic starting point, the family was ecstatic to move into a home that had been recently renovated and would hopefully not require any significant repair for years to come.      

A bathroom mold horror story from an Oakville home

Last summer, the family decided they wanted to complete some renovations of the master bathroom, hoping to upgrade some features and freshen up the space that was now about ten years old. The homeowners simply wanted to upgrade the bathtub to a jacuzzi, replace some light fixtures and add a different backsplash and paint colour to the bathroom. But, when they began the renovations, the contractor found that the previous bathroom pipes had not been properly installed! The connection between pipes was misaligned, which resulted in extensive water leakage. After nearly ten years of water leaking from the pipes, there was so much mold growing that even the contractor was stunned. The built-up mold had completely damaged the floor underneath the bathroom, which was discovered when the old bathtub was removed in order to be replaced with the jacuzzi. The amount of damage had created significant issues for the structural integrity of the second-floor washroom. The homeowners were lucky that they caught the mold growth before it could result in the roof collapsing from mold damage. 

Remarkably, the homeowners had otherwise not noticed any problems with their washroom. They were interested in renovations to upgrade several of the bathroom features, but never expected to find such extensive mold growth and damage lurking just below the surface of their bathtub. Thankfully, we were able to go in and ensure all the mold was removed, and that the air quality in the home had not been compromised overtime with a full mold inspection and air quality test. The contractor was then able to repair the damage and complete the bathroom renovations; however, at a considerably higher cost than the homeowners initially anticipated, both with the contractor, and with having to additionally hire the help of Inch by Inch Inspections.

This is a great example of why you should always vet reputable contractors for renovations to avoid incurring extra costs to fix future problems. Of course, when extensive mold is discovered, it is additionally important to seek professional help to completely remove all mold contamination. In order to prevent any further damage to your health or the structural integrity of your home, a professional mold remediation company can ensure that all contamination is swiftly and permanently removed.

If you suspect that mold may be growing in your home, or want to discuss your options for mold removal, the team at Inch by Inch Inspections is here to help. Whether you are looking to remove mold growth, inspect difficult to reach corners of your home, or check your air quality, our experienced and friendly team can help. You can visit one of our store locations in Newmarket or Vaughan or call us at 416-826-7172 to get started today!

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