Finding Black Mold on the Wall is a Major Concern for Property Owners

The worst thing that owners can hear is that there is a mold problem at the property. Different types of mold exist but black mold is the most common in properties with excessive humidity and poor or restricted air flow.

Is that black mold on the wall?

Mold is a naturally occurring organism that serves a purpose in the ecosystem and one of the more common strains in residential properties is black mold.

  • The fungus appears as black or dark green smears and patches on walls, tiles, grout, flooring and other common surfaces
  • Can easily be identified by its musty odor
  • Black mold thrives in areas that have high humidity such as bathrooms, basements, kitchens and laundry rooms
  • Poor air circulation creates these high humidity situations in which black mold can develop and thrive

Removal and cleanup of black mold on the wall is a thorough process

Once black mold is detected, removal and restoration is the next critical step as black mold has many detrimental health effects. The removal process requires specific steps that neutralize and loosen the fungus from the surface. Commercial strength products, cleaners and hard bristle brushes are used in the first few steps to clear the wall of the organic material. After the area has been thoroughly sanitized, maintaining humidity at less than 50% is crucial for the drying process to complete. Failure to thoroughly dry the surface will create more black mold problems in the future and many property owners rely on experienced  professionals to thoroughly eradicate the mold.

Black mold causes health and quality of life problems

Black mold is a living organism and naturally releases airborne spores which have negative health effects to people exposed to the fungus. Aside from the awful musty odor, airborne black mold spores can cause mild to severe respiratory problems, headaches, fatigue and hay fever type symptoms such as irritated eyes and skin. Constant exposure to black mold can also affect sleep negatively decreasing the quality of life to those breathing in the spores.

Black mold can grow anywhere

Black mold can easily take hold and fester in most areas of the property including spaces that are not easily visible. Dark spots with little to no ventilation such as wall frames and attics are a haven for the fungus. Mold in these types of areas may be difficult to detect and property owners should be aware of any odd or stale odors as well as water rings that could indicate the presence of black mold on the wall. Any homes suffering from water damage and flooding should be checked immediately for the presence of black mold.

Removing black mold on the wall properly and safely

Black mold is a serious concern for homeowners and must be dealt with immediately. The fungus can quickly spread and professionals like Inch By Inch have the expertise and tools to thoroughly eradicate mold from the property. Inch By Inch is committed to restoring surfaces and improving air quality to a healthy standard. 

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