How to Know If Attic Mold is Affecting Your Air Quality

Attic mold is troubling for a number of reasons, but the most frustrating is how difficult it is to detect in its early stages. It typically isn’t until property owners schedule a mold inspection in Toronto that they even are away mold has been growing and spreading throughout their home. During the time that attic mold is left undetected, it compromises construction materials from drywall and wood beams to insulation, and it also compromises indoor air quality. 

To prevent physical illness from mold exposure, mold detection and removal must occur promptly after the mold is uncovered. Unfortunately, many people are under the impression that only black mold removal is urgent, but virtually every species of the 500 discovered in Canada has adverse health effects. 

Here are some signs that attic mold is affecting your indoor quality.

A Moldy Odour

black mold removal When mold outbreaks become large, they start to release a pungent and deniable odour. Some describe the smell as musty or earthy. If you notice an unusual odour that you believe stems from mold, your air is most likely infested with mold spores. To be sure, schedule a professional mold inspection in Toronto with Inch By Inch Inspections. Our IICRC team has years of experience with mold detection and removal. We can help you accurately identify the scope of an outbreak and its risk level to guide you through the best course of action. 

Respiratory Illness

Once mold is in the air, it can be inhaled with ease. Inhaling mold, especially on a long-term basis, causes respiratory discomfort and illness. These symptoms can present similar to allergies or a cold, but they persist even when you’re not encountering common allergens. An unexplained cough or trouble breathing means that you likely have mold hidden somewhere in your home, likely in the attic, where it can’t be seen. If the symptoms you’re experiencing are more extreme, you may need black mold removal. 

Skin Irritation 

Even if you never come into direct contact with mold, your skin might be telling you that there is a problem. Many people who have unknowingly been exposed to mold notice dryness, rashes, or irritation in their skin. This can happen because of the heavy concentration of mold in the air, even if you’ve never physically touched or come into contact with the mold outbreak itself. In addition to your skin, it is common to notice eye irritation, which could also present as watering eyes as well. 

What’s Causing Attic Mold?

Attic mold is hard to detect without mold inspections in Toronto from a reputable and trained restoration company. But you can minimize how attractive your attic is to mold spores by improving ventilation, preventing leaks, treating water damage with urgency, upgrading attic insulation, and monitoring your home’s humidity. 

Attic Mold Detection & Removal

If you need mold detection or black mold removal in your home, reach out to Inch By Inch Inspections. With experience and expertise, we can streamline your remediation process and restore your indoor air quality for a healthier home. 

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